On Ask Baba Yaga: I Seek Comfort From Others Because I Am Uncomfortable With Myself

<3! this is wonderful.

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On What Happened at the VMAs? As Always, the Answer Is "Everything" and Also "Nothing"

Robin Thicke= Beetlejuice?

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On Friday Open Thread

@nevergiveaninch :( i'm sorry about your break up! neko case is really good for the broken-hearted. blacklisted is such an amazing album, that'd be my rec for a starting point. also, i listened to of montreal after my saddest break up. it's great because the music is so catchy and pop-tastic, but kevin barnes definitely feels your pain and then some. feel better! you got this, lady.

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On Friday Open Thread

Oh yay! You all are making me feel much more secure in my font-choosing capabilities!

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Thanks!! I used the bold sparingly, and only on the organizations I have worked for (which look better than emphasizing my actual positions). Also, trying to fit a clean, thin horizontal line in, but might leave that to play with tomorrow. It's weird how fun resumes can be-- sooo much better than cover letters.

@cuminafterall okay sweet! I have newfound confidence in this one page document again.

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On Friday Open Thread

@pepper88 hahah what even: happy friday let's get crazy and talk about resumes!!!!!

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On Friday Open Thread

Hi everyone! Happy Friday from an infrequent poster.

Question! I'm revamping my resume to reflect my semi-new job, and did some readjustments to the font and spacing. I am pretty sure I just made my resume look either TOTALLY AWESOME or TOTALLY IDIOTIC. Basically, I feel like I just made it more aesthetically pleasing. The text I know is legit, but I'm just worried that what I view as contemporary, modern and sophisticated, is just that: what a doofus 23 year old considers contemporary, modern and sophisticated. Should I stick with Times New Roman? How boring does one's resume really have to be? To be more specific, it's set in Helvetica Neue Ultra Light, with very selected bolded accents (which basically just makes the spacing different). It might help to know that I'm in the arts industry (administration side). Feedback much appreciated! :))

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On Friday Open Thread

@area@twitter you've just described everything i love!

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On The Gallery of Lost Art

@fondue with cheddar it is so good! i am FOR SURE in the depths of that rabbit hole.

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On Friday Open Thread

@wee_ramekin Thanks for sharing this... I am having a hard time being coherent or level-headed about this terrible event, but wanted to have a voice. This is all just so utterly heartbreaking.

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