On The First Response Pie

Interesting related article. Discuss, anyone?

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On What I've Been Up To

@rimy To believe... or not to believe.

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On What I've Been Up To

@rimy And I am a more introverted and conflicted version of mine. But the gist is very true, and perhaps how I come across to close friends and family.

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On What I've Been Up To

Ooh, horoscopey indulgence!

Mine is sort of accurate and my sisters' as well but my boyfriend's is way way off. Or more like, he is a dark, angry, and embittered version of his birthday personality. Sad!

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On The Sexual History of Jared Sabbagh, Part 1

Give me more!

In my opinion, shame is the most unhealthy feeling to have about early sexual experiences, especially when you were a kid and didn't really know what you were doing other than it felt naughty and exciting.

I'm glad Jared was forthright about facts that he may have felt ashamed about when he was younger. Reading his story is probably healthy for anyone else who feels ashamed about what they experienced as a child and I'd like to see more honest discussion about it, it being a high sexual drive from childhood as well as differing sexualities and I think it's a good counterpoint to the interviews with virgins/asexual people.

Keep it coming, Jia! Your interviews go deep.

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On Deadly Combinations of Male Fashion and Behavior

My officemate is a #1 - spot on!

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On Friday Open Thread


You said you live in Dyker Heights & now I do too! If you want to meet up for a drink or coffee etc sometime I am totally down for it. You can email me at aatamas1 at gmail if you want.

@everybody I just moved to Brooklyn with no job lined up or anything and I'm somewhat terrified! Any stories of leaping into the void-type moves that worked out? Or maybe didn't??

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On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

I love this!!! So excited! I want to make all the recipes and I love all the comments aaaaahhhhh

See guys I TOLD YOU NOT TO WORRY, DIDN'T I!!! (I did, you can even check my comment history)

<3 the hairpin 4 ever

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On Friday Open Thread

@rimy And if I can overshare...

So she actually lost her virginity to a random German guy who was preying upon an event for the study abroad students.

And it did not sound pleasant although she was proud of herself for the cold, clinical way she went about the business of getting laid.

Like, apparently it wasn't just p in v. There was also a blowjob and anal sex. On her first time. And neither party came. There was a condom though! :/

When she told me, I didn't want to react badly because I didn't want her to feel bad about sex or be scarred. She seemed very very OK with it but she is also an expert at disguising how she really feels/not acknowledging emotions. But... I was shocked and did feel bad about it, that she couldn't have lost it in a kinder, gentler, more affectionate way.

You guys :( :( :(
I shared a room with her growing up and she is my closest sister and I had huge influence over her but now she is on her own and won't listen to me. I want her to make her own decisions and learn things by herself, but she is doing a bunch of crazy stuff and is really insecure and is being all denial-y. Sigh. I guess she will figure it all out as she grows up.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Miss Maszkerádi I would agree with you (I have been to Japan and seen HUGE cultural insensitivity from Americans, it was disgusting, shout out to you, mouth-breathing skinny white dude who was loudly bragging about all the hot Japanese chicks he has banged in the middle of a quiet, traditional restaurant >:|)

BUT she is talking about something different and more benign and I do understand to some extent (shout out to Becky from study abroad in Spain who got blackout drunk trashed and made out with tons of ugly dudes who were taking advantage of her every night. She would go home with them which freaked me out because what if they were creeps or murderers or etc). Anyway, I think that there are plenty of girls who do this - get drunk, make out with dudes, dress up, do the "you look so cute!" "I love your shoes!" without really meaning it thing, and who just want to have loud, clubby fun. I get that my sister was like "whoa, I'm so not into this."

BUTTT she is being a huge ass about it. In terms of judging the crap out of them and acting superior. I wish I could copy/paste excerpts of her terrible bitchy/super-defensive emails but it's on my work email.

@all -- Great ideas! I think I'm just gonna let her ride this one out though. I told her that if she substituted 'black' or 'women' for where she mentioned 'typical American girls', her emails would sound like a hugely racist/sexist diatribe.

I used to say things similar to what she is saying now and was surprised when someone got pissed off that I was dissing Americans, seeing as I am American myself. It's like if someone says something racist to you, expecting you'll agree with them, but they are surprised when you're like "uhhh... yeah. Ok, see ya."

I'm sure she will figure it out someday. I wish she was more confident in herself but she has hangups about her femininity/how her face looks, even though she is beautiful and has a bangin' body.

PLUS she totally slept with a random German guy, so all the slut-shaming... I am side-eyeing that like crazy.

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