On The Hairpin Travel Serial, Part Three: "The Last Great Adventure"

Oh damn, I wasn't gonna buy it but now I may have to.

We needed something, anything, to shake us out of our funk. We’d been living in California for a year or two when we decided we needed a break. The funny thing was that we’d gone to California in search of the same kind of fresh start
This is meeeeeeee (; n;)

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On Friday Open Thread

@HeyThatsMyBike That is a good point. I can be extremely extroverted on occasion! Can you change your place on the continuum, or is your balance of introversion/extroversion basically nailed down for life?

I guess what really bothers me, more than generally being slow to warm up and sort of reticent, is when someone's like "hey wanna be friends", I *want* to say yes, but instead I flake out and more or less run screaming (in my head) away from them... forever. Unless they are really persistent, which who would expect them to be, really.

How can I change, why am I so scared of being close to people?
Is it because I'm a Scorpio?????! (joking!)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emby Very autumnal in NYC today too - it will be my first winter living in The North and I am VERY excited.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant I am all about the mystery and intrigue but I wish I could be a little more accessible, since I would find someone who tried to be elusive and vague fairly annoying.

I'm not exactly socially awkward but I'm not good at jokey banter. I wish I was. I'm better at intense, personal discussions and sincerity. Yuck!

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On Friday Open Thread

Also, I REALLY hate being an introvert. My mental image of myself is a socially graceful extrovert but actually I'm super socially avoidant boo :(

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On Friday Open Thread

Hi the Hairpin! I was not here for a long time but I guess I'm back now. Long, slow days at work + the Pin (and/or the Toast + website of current obsession) = best way to avoid falling asleep on the keyboard. Yay.

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On The First Response Pie

@squishycat Ugh, for me, pills (I tried 3 varieties) gave me worse mood swings, ALL THE TIME, instead of the expected 1 week prior to period. I was just a huge hormonal ball of feelings 24/7. There might be a brand of pill out there that would align with my makeup, but pull-out is just a lot easier. The self-control part is not easy. We use the rhythm method to figure out when it's okay to indulge but I realize we are running a big risk. I've made my peace with it and would not abort a pregnancy if one occurs. I clearly am not advocating my method (if you can call it that) as the best, but we have stumbled on a happy medium that works for us.

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On The First Response Pie

@werewolfbarmitzvah I'll take those chances!

@honeycowl I am doing well! Just getting re-oriented after moving to a new city & all the stress that comes with that. Thanks for asking :) hope you are well too.

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On The First Response Pie

30% having an existential crisis about my future, ambitions, etc.
30% having paranoid doubts and fears about my boyfriend
30% ginning up some theoretical excitement about having a baby and imagining what kind of person it would be
10% crying at youtube videos

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On The First Response Pie

@rimy (I do not use birth control!) there, I said it. I'm in a stable relationship of 3 years and we transitioned to just using pull-out instead of the pill and it's worked fine. Also it is very intense and satisfying. /overshare

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