On Girl, Bye (No, Really, Bye, This Is My Last Day)

I will miss you and your love for 30 Rock!

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On MIA, "CanSeeCanDo"

This is almost making me forget I spilled hot coffee on my hand and that I got off at the wrong train station this morning. A+, would/will listen again.

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Stirring my panties :(

Posted on March 6, 2015 at 2:16 pm 2

On The Last Sunday of the Year

I just gasped. FINALLY!

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On Did We Buy Any Cool Stuff This Weekend?

I got this cool ring w/a 20% off coupon: http://odetteny.com/klaia-cage-ring-brass.html, a Tardis tea infuser for my bf (Thinkgeek free shipping code) and a hat and blouse from Kate Spade Saturday (30% off everythang). I used ebates for the last two to get some money back.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Jobs and Juice

Oh god, Madewell is the biggest time & money suck. I love iiiit.

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On But What About Your Face?

@ReginalTSquirge@twitter Ah, I logged in just to ask about this. Why does Julie Klausner hate her so much? I've seen her post things on tumblr that were full of raaaaage

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On The Hairpin at Coachella

That flip flop video still cracks me up and keeps me away from drugs (and most outdoor music festivals).

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On Sleigh Bells, "Comeback Kid" Video

She's totally doing Tae Bo. I know b/c I've been totally doing Tae Bo.

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On Be More Nathan Myrhvold

Be less Heather. And Sarah. And Lindsay.

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