On Dinner With Gerhart and Edna

@jj Yes, he was a former Hitler Youth. Not that he enjoyed it.

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On The End of Epiphanies

I'm pretty sure I have epiphanies constantly when doing schoolwork. Can't imagine why.

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On Friday Open Thread

@upupandaway ooh! Lake Cachuma is a half hour drive away and really nice to hike/play at. There are tons of hiking trails up in the mountains, it's really quite nice. If you are a student, the art museum on State Street is free and pretty good quality.

Do you live in SB? I am on the lookout for 'pinners there (I am a student down there).

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@laurel -chinhands- My dad will on the reg yell at me to wear a helmet (I am 19). We're a biking family, I'm pretty sure it pisses him off more than any of my bad habits, but I guess his concern for my safety actually is his business...but I'm okay with people being concerned for my safety when biking in general because I have gotten in horrible accidents (saved by a helmet).

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On Friday Open Thread

@celeec4@twitter YOU DESERVE A DRINK!


Have a laugh and a drink. :) Mamrie Hart is hilarious, her whole series is amazing and delicious.

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On Friday Open Thread

@yeah-elle paging Logan Sachon to explain how she makes herself feel better while battling shopping addiction please because I have this problem too.

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On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg re: #4, Lenore Skenazy (and I) is having a twitch of fury and knows not why.

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On Friday Open Thread

@dj pomegranate I mean, another point is to start with a few staples and just embellish every time with a bottle of something when you go to a liquor store. That's how we built up our collection. But you should probably have Angostura bitters and a few types of vermouth on hand to start. What IS it with all cocktails needing Angostura? Cripes.

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On How Do You Solve a Book Cover Like Lolita?

@franceschances I always say Lolita is the best horror novel in existence. And it is a fantastic, fantastic book, even though I literally had to take week-long breaks because I felt so sick at certain moments. For a mostly non-graphic book, I would say that indicates excellent writing.

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