On Saying No to Juice

Whenever I show up at work with a juice or a smoothie, everyone asks (like it's a good thing) "Oh! Are you juicing?"

No, it's just a fucking smoothie. Because I like them. I will have real food at some point today (though at least a smoothie often contains actual fruit pulp and thus could sort of be considered pre-chewed actual food).

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On Ask a Jeweler: A Beginner’s Guide to Pearls

Ok, so I love pearls (they're my birthstone and everything), but they have this tendency to come in settings I don't care for, and (like most jewelry) more often combined with silver or white gold than yellow gold (or rose gold which I LOVE) - if I were in the market for a nice piece, where would you suggest I look? Also, I am super hard on, like, everything I own and the only reason the pearls I actually own are still in good shape is because it's a very short strand that I was given as a child and can no longer wear comfortably, so how would I go about not killing them/what kinds of pieces are hardier?

Also holy shit I am about to own a very small diamond and I don't know what I am doing, halp. (I feel kind of bad about it, because it's not exactly ethically sourced, but sometimes things happen? Like you are shopping for gifts with your boyfriend and as you are leaving to go home you walk into Tiffany & Co. to stare at that Paloma Picasso spiral drop necklace that you love and are momentarily distracted by a necklace that does have gemstones, which are mostly light amethysts but in the center there is a tiny diamond and then suddenly your boyfriend wants to buy you a necklace and asks you to choose but he clearly prefers the gemstone one and how do you say no when you do genuinely think it's pretty and it's something he/you together can afford and oh my god what have I done?

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On The Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial

@Hot Doom I suspect that Collins doesn't have much of a say re: marketing. I mean, she could probably come out and say publicly "wtf are you even doing" but as far as how licensing and rights for movies go, basically the movie studios get to do what they want most of the time. It's unlikely for an individual author to be able to dictate the terms of the license such that she can actually veto ad campaigns or merchandise.
(I enjoyed the books but thought that she sacrificed some depth for the sake of accessibility, and the first film even more so, and it wasn't really necessary - you can have depth and accessibility at the same time. I still just love that they exist and are popular, though, if only because Katniss gets to be a heroine who is legitimately kinda prickly and later, allowed to have real PTSD symptoms (we shall see how the films handle this, since so far they've shied away a bit from the bits of the first book where she really just loses it).)

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On Would You Ever Buy a Pair of "Anti-Rape Underwear"?

@MrsTeacherFace ...what kind of closure is easier for the person wearing to remove than someone else??? I mean, how does that even work?

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On "The cost for each attendee: $4000. And that was after Tracy’s fiancé paid one night for everyone at the W hotel"

...so, the last bachelorette party I attended involved a schoolgirl spy theme (the party-thrower managed to get the front desk guy at her building in on it by promising him a plate of cookies, so he handed us our super-secret documents when we arrived), and then laser tag against the guys - and we managed to keep both the bride and groom in the dark about the fact that they were facing each other until we actually started the first round. And then at the end we all drove to the late-night diner where the bride and I and our friends hung out in high school.

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On Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@Away Laughing Seriously, the reason I actually love Katniss is that she is ANGRY and she is allowed to be by the narrative, and also allowed to have PTSD and behave generally like a person who has been through a shitton of trauma and not have to learn some lesson about not being angry or traumatized because IDK good people don't do that?

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

@happymisanthrope CA site is also down due to traffic! Which, ok, boo, people have to wait, but clearly the level of interest is VERY HIGH.

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On Study Says You Are a Lush

The answer is "as much as I goddamn want". (I am actually a total lightweight and drink pretty slowly - when my boyfriend and I did our annual anniversary food-and-wine splurge last weekend, the sommelier had to take away a number of my glasses unfinished, not because I didn't like the wine, but because I just wasn't going to be able to finish and also continue to eat, or, like, stay awake, plus we were on the next course and the next wine (or two).)

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On What Is Most Millennial?

@Megasus Funny thing is, I kept seeing the opposite, with newer games being praised for their "innovative" gameplay, and just going "did you miss that whole era in gaming when Myst and related games happened??"

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On What Is Most Millennial?

@adorable-eggplant Well, Cyan, the company behind Myst, made Cosmic Osmo and The Manhole beforehand. They both had the same kind of explorative, graphics-focused gameplay, but the puzzles tended to be similar, and neither of the two early games had an actual story or goal or win condition. Cosmic Osmo was black and white. I spent hours playing both.

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