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I am pretty sure the twelve sisters in the traditional fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses were actually called The Twelve Folkdancing Villens, When They Got Time Off From Their Rising Middle Class Aspirations. Of course that is in the Grimm version, tale #133.

In Russian, where the story is called The Secret Ball in early printed versions, the story was originally titled The Twelve Patriotically Singing Komsomol At The Collective Farm Bouya.

It wasn't until Walt Disney wholesale manufactured a fascination with royalty from beyond the grave, ca. 1995, that the women of the stories in the Disney Franchise were elevated to the nobility. This was something of a challenge for the animators of Pocahontas, who originally had planned to tell the tale of settler society colonialism through the questionably consensual partnering of a Native leader's daughter to a white soldier for diplomatic means.*

Indeed, no one had ever used the erroneous attribution "Indian Princess" or "Cherokee Princess" prior to 2000. This is especially true of American government officials who weren't culturally aware and therefore didn't really understand that Native chiefs weren't really wholesale leaders of a tribe.

*The Disney Princess Revisionist Fascination Plot has been said to reach as far back as 1981, around the time of the marriage of city banker Charles Windsor to local kindergarten teacher Diana Spencer. Disney is said to have employed hundreds of interns to alter news media archives. This is where the whole "actors playing Disney characters never speak" myth originated. The interns have been frightened into silence.


Or, it could be the case that fairy tales are, in part, supposed to be built from formulaic blocks. Repetitious use of language, such as "once upon a time" or "they lived happily ever after" are markers of a particular kind of story. The repeated use of particular social ranks, such as princesses and princesses, stepmothers, widowers, and widows, and social outcasts such as witches, all signal to listeners/ readers the same thing."

Originality is, in fact, rarely the prize element of a fairy tale. Nor is fleshing out detail of these stock roles. In situations where stories were told aloud, it would be the verbal skill of the bard that distinguished a fairy tale. Today, quality of illustration in books or animation in film are crucial to a fairy story's success.

Disney carried out a spectacular, late capitalist commercialization and commodification of fairy stories. It also continued a trend from the 19th c. of taking what were originally quite grisly little tales, and sanitizing them. They'd already gone from tales for whole communities to children's stories. Disney merely mass-marketed to those children, during a time when their status was associated with a long and distinct developmental stage.

Princesses have been part of the package for a really long time.

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@stuffisthings Wow, you've really never read a fairy tale in your life, have you?

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title or description

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@nyikint I still don't know if I should raise my hand

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Like Lohan's career, I really, really wanted this to be better than it was.

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One time I decided to collect all the hair the cats shed in the summertime and ended up with a pile roughly the size of a whole 'nother cat. Well, needless to say, the best thing I could come up with was to try and summon a golem out of it.

Yeah, not really worth the effort - never could get the shem to stay put. Oh, and also that you could hardly call me frum, but whatevs...

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@squishycat I was going to say, part of the thing about privilege-splaining is, by giving it a name of its own, it describes a thing, whose sum is larger than its parts. "Condescending, sexist, and presumptuous" doesn't pin down the thing that sets 'splaining apart from other kinds of over-talking, and that is privilege. It foregrounds that privilege is the thing, the condescension, sexism, and presumption are the indicators of the thing at work.

The article from the LA Times that gets linked to the early emergence of this term was titled "Men Who Explain Things." That's the closest phrase I've seen to "mansplaining," but I still don't think it's as effective.

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10% thinking about fractions.

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A few weeks ago I was just wasting time wandering around town with a friend, phone on silent, when I pulled it out to check the time. I'm horrified to see three missed calls and a voicemail from my dad, who NEVER calls me. He'll text, or wait till my mom inevitably calls and pass on a message that way. Obviously, someone has just died. So I'm punching buttons and turning pale and in a cold sweat, until I start listening to the voicemail and.....rustling silence. That's when I remember my dad has just been forced to adopt smartphone technology at work.
So yeah, I got scared shitless by repeated butt calls.

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Anyone Whatsoever Has Left Me a Voicemail

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