On I Will Not Soak It In

@CMouse …does anyone call it anything else?

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On Hot Paleo People

There is almost no category of people I roll my eyes at harder than chirpy "Paleo" dieters who constantly post recipes that attempt to mimic not-in-any-way "Paleo" foods. I actually have less contempt for vegans doing the same because at least some of them are doing it out of moral conviction and are trying to recreate a taste they miss, but that they can't bring themselves to actually eat, ethically.

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On I Will Not Soak It In

@TyrannosaurusWreck I genuinely don't understand how "taking a picture of it with your phone" is somehow less acceptable than taking a photo with a regular camera, or why I'm somehow experiencing "less" when I take a photo. I mean, yes, I have certainly encountered people who show up somewhere (a museum, a view, a historical site) and seem solely concerned with snapping a few pictures of themselves there and moving on, which I find bizarre (I take photos when I travel to document interesting things that I saw or did, but they are only part of the experience), but as long as they aren't actively interrupting my ability to enjoy the place, why is it my business?

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On A Bold Notion for Baby Showers

While I totally agree that the father should be just as involved in the celebrations (and the parenting) as the mother, and the only baby-shower-type event I've ever been invited to (could not attend, sadly) was called a "baby-on-board" party and involved the father, and had a mixed-gender invitee group, the fact remains that during the pregnancy, the mom is, you know, literally carrying a weird squirming kicking thing INSIDE HER for 40 weeks, then has to give birth, then possibly breastfeed. I think she deserves a little extra recognition during this part of the parenthood process, if only because biology has given her the short end of the stick.

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On Engagement Chicken, Three Ways

The first one is a little like a more complex version of the roast chicken my mother (and father) always made when I was growing up, and subsequently, the way I learned to make it. I think it is actually out of one of Marcella Hazan's cookbooks (as are about half of the recipes I think of as "Mom's"), and is even simpler as it involves no herbs. Remove giblets, rinse chicken, pat dry, salt and pepper it inside and out, stuff as many pricked-with-a-fork lemons as that cavity will take, bind the cavity shut and roast.
I do not think I have ever made it *for* my boyfriend, though I do think I made it one night at my parents' house and he was around to eat it.

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On The Best Time a Diva Cup Suctioned Itself to My Cervix

@ayo nicole noooooooooo the cramps were SO. BAD.

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On "In many states, including Louisiana, police are permitted to use carrying condoms as evidence of prostitution"

@klemay Right? Women who are sex-workers and at greater risk of STIs are punished for carrying condoms because it makes it easier to (legally, not logically) prove that they are sex-workers, and women who are not sex-workers but are trying to be responsible people, but happen to look a way police don't like, are punished for carrying condoms because that alone means they can be accused of prostitution, which is of course the worst crime ever. (Do men who carry condoms also get arrested for prostitution, or is it, like, cool, man?)

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On Bradley Cooper Reviews Paradise Lost

@adorable-eggplant I do not know! My boyfriend is like "yes buy me all the socks" and so is my father, and actually so is my mother and basically my whole family loves socks? (Also, my mother and I knit, so some of those socks are fabulous hand-made socks, though my boyfriend only rarely wears the excellent pair I made him because they are "too warm". Whatever, wool breathes!)

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On The Kevin McAllister Pie

I did not realize until now how desperately I needed to watch this film again.

…I do not know how my boyfriend will feel about this as a suggestion for his birthday evening (We already had to cancel dinner out because FINALS)

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On Estate Jewelry: Millennial Octopi and The Perfect Handle for Your Parasol

The octopus earrings, they are so cute!!


I was in Paris this past May visiting my boyfriend's family, but I did get to do some actual Me things, which is basically ALL THE MUSEUMS. Not only did I get there in time for free museum night and hit the Art Nouveau rooms at the D'Orsay, I spent half a day at the Musée Des Arts Décoratifs and could have spent hours in the "bijoux" rooms AND there was an Art Nouveau exhibit at the Pinacothéque and basically I died. (There was this lamp for sale for like 500+ euro and I almost cried over it. All autumn leaves and twisty vines and and)

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