On The Cider Report

I hate the taste of beer, so cider is my drink. J.K.'s Scrumpy is the best one out there, not just in taste but also in name. I like their seasonal winter version, too.

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On Cinco de Mayo: The No-Stress-a Fiesta

This is some gringa nonsense.

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On Expansion of French Women Don't Series

@MadameMeow This site has misspelled "Colombia" a number of times. I'm not sure if it's just the submitters or if there's an editor not catching it, but it's really annoying.

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On The Anna Nicole Smith Stories

I honestly expect more from The Hairpin than casual use of super offensive slurs. Really not okay and ruined the entire piece for me.

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On Breakfast in Argentina and Chile

Ha, I'm Colombian and I actually made huevos pericos, that exact meal, for my boyfriend this morning. The arepas are a necessary side dish, and they're also great with some corn. Come by my apartment if you want some.

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On The Revolution Was Televised

@iknowright She's given a few interviews with Entertainment Weekly lately with a ton of personality - talking about how she loves Janelle, doesn't respect Jenn's game and floaters in general, thinks Frank seems like someone she would have "baby sat for when he was 8" and can't be his home girl... she's fantastic when she gets going.

I am obsessed with Big Brother, btw.

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On Why Women Still Can't Marry All the Single Ladies in Therapy. Or Can They?

@deepomega Honestly, I tried to post this on twitter, but I couldn't fit that exact hashtag into my commentary so I decided it wasn't worth it.

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On Why Women Still Can't Marry All the Single Ladies in Therapy. Or Can They?

Fun thing I just learned: it is very weird when you see your father's research taken to task in an article you found on one of your favorite websites.

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