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Priscilla Peel

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On A Brief Encounter With Jane, the Queen of Chicago

I will forever love the scene in Anastasia Krupnik where she visits her father's poetry class and he's teaching this poem: "I find it fascinating, Wilder, that you have selected 'futility of life' to be the theme of the work of, so far, Pope, Gray, Cowper, Blake, and Burns. Now Wordsworth, too?"

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On Let's All Record Our Favorite Poems for National Poetry Month

@cuminafterall Pied Beauty and Spring and All! I love both of those poems, especially to read right now as spring is finally getting here. Also William Carlos Williams' Love Song.

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On 13 Questionable Amateur Theater Plot Twists

@queenofbithynia "Lady, shall I lie in your lap?" "No, my lord." "I mean, my phillips-head upon your lap?"

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On Friday Open Thread

@Queen of Pickles Wait, what thermos is that?!

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On Ask a Jeweler

@olivebee My husband and I do the same thing: the rings go off as soon as we step in the house. We do it for comfort reasons too. Sometimes we forget to put them on before leaving and then people think we're getting divorced or something, so it does have its downside! I'm not going to stop, though.

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On Sorry About That!

@sydwi I would love to see The Blue Castle done as a web series, with Valancy at her webcam making snarky comments about her family!

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On Breaking News Round-Up

@Lu2 Cats should be kissed on the top of the head, as I learned from Emily of New Moon. "Don't ever let me see you kissing a cat again!" "Oh, all right, I'll only kiss her when you don't see me after this."

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On Friday Open Thread

@fondue with cheddar I know, I'm sorry too, but it is nice to have some company! My birthday is in June. There is absolutely no chance that I will get everything together and become wildly successful by then.

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On Friday Open Thread

@fondue with cheddar Me too, and I'm also about to turn 39. You're not the only one who still doesn't have it figured out!

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On The Girl Next Door

@raised amongst catalogs
"I was a door and she was a door,
In this complex by the sea,
But we loved with a love that was more than love,
I and my Apartment D."

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