On Dress Your Family In Your Lover's Shoes

Wow. I wish this story was a whole book. So ominous and claustrophobic and menacing.

Also, "Sam slept for the entire flight from Ireland back to Chicago, meaning I could hold his hand without him tugging it away." I had a boyfriend like this once, and now I wish I could go back in time and scream at myself for accepting this kind of treatment.

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

Ahhh seeing everyone commenting here is making me nostalgic.. Welcome aboard Haley!!!

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On It's Been Real, Buds

Oh holy buckets I was so afraid that I would not be able to read your music descriptions or listen to your recommendations anymore! Phew! Thanks for editing us, we love you!

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On Shlohmo x Jeremih, "Let It Go"

The way you describe music, Jia, is just so fucking fantastic.

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On Ask a Fancy Person: Entry-Level Expensive, Unwanted Guests and the Gratefulness Feedback Loop

@superfluous consonants Write them! I get into this bad loop with returning phone calls and answering emails from friends and family I don't see very often, where I don't do it immediately, and then some time passes, and I feel weird about how long its taken me to get back to them, so I wait longer, etc.etc. cue Avoidance Spiral of Shame.

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On Ask a Fancy Person: Entry-Level Expensive, Unwanted Guests and the Gratefulness Feedback Loop

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY Advice columns back at the Hairpin! I love it!

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On Canto Tell Me Nothing: A College Essay Comparing Kanye to Dante

I hate to be THAT person (no I don't, I love it), but it's "for all intents and purposes", not "intensive purposes." Love the essay though!

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On Warpaint, "Keep It Healthy" (El-P Remix)

Ugh, I just can't with them ever since Theresa Wayman slut shamed Queen Bey and Rihanna. Just...... no.

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On May Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

I love you Galactic Rabbit!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

1. Making out with beardy men
2. Cheerful people
4. My best friend/roommate. She is my other half <3
5. Pho

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