On The Best Time I Thought I Was Going To Die In The Italian Woods

Ahahahhaha this is truly spectacular. I'm glad you didn't get murdered!!

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On Thrift Store Wigs, Absolutely No Heart: The Brittany Murphy Story

HOLY HELL THAT PICTURE. That is creepy as hell, I've never seen it before.

I am SO CURIOUS to know what really caused her death, as well as the death of her husband.

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On The Best Time I Watched My Doctor Examine My Stool Sample

SO many chuckles. Chuckles forever.

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On An Extensive Catalogue Of Bodily Impulses

@houseplant I agree, the assertion that is was written to scandalize Anglos is silly. The book was written in German for German-speaking people. So many of my German friends read it the way you watch a horror movie- hands over your eyes, peaking out, whatsgoingtohappenwhatsgoingtohappen nononono. Several of them stopped reading after the first or second chapter. The shit in this book is sick and wrong for Germans too.

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On An Extensive Catalogue Of Bodily Impulses

Oh lord, I read this book in German when it first came out. I was definitely enthralled by it but I also HATED it. Hated it! The narrator is so obsessed with sex and her own body that there is almost no room in her life left for anything else. I think that is what bothered me the most. Even her fondness for growing avocado plants is ultimately about sex and masturbation. Freaked me out.

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On Dress Your Family In Your Lover's Shoes

Wow. I wish this story was a whole book. So ominous and claustrophobic and menacing.

Also, "Sam slept for the entire flight from Ireland back to Chicago, meaning I could hold his hand without him tugging it away." I had a boyfriend like this once, and now I wish I could go back in time and scream at myself for accepting this kind of treatment.

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

Ahhh seeing everyone commenting here is making me nostalgic.. Welcome aboard Haley!!!

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On It's Been Real, Buds

Oh holy buckets I was so afraid that I would not be able to read your music descriptions or listen to your recommendations anymore! Phew! Thanks for editing us, we love you!

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On Shlohmo x Jeremih, "Let It Go"

The way you describe music, Jia, is just so fucking fantastic.

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On Ask a Fancy Person: Entry-Level Expensive, Unwanted Guests and the Gratefulness Feedback Loop

@superfluous consonants Write them! I get into this bad loop with returning phone calls and answering emails from friends and family I don't see very often, where I don't do it immediately, and then some time passes, and I feel weird about how long its taken me to get back to them, so I wait longer, etc.etc. cue Avoidance Spiral of Shame.

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