On Late Show With Not A Man

@Kalorama_Kat I have the same problem with her as I do with Chelsea Handler. I mean, she's done blackface before.

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On Joan Didion on Woody Allen

@LMac That (the Blue Jasmine plot) explains a LOT, esp. with the "Mia Farrow is a jealous bitch who manipulated her kids and the media" line that's been popping up a lot lately.

For the record, I've only seen Whatever Works (for, ah, superficial reasons). Didn't like it, though apparently it's not his best work.

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On Joan Didion on Woody Allen

@Megasus Wow. Woody Allen reads like an emotionally (and sexually) abusive predator.

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On If We Survive October We Can Have a Doomsday Sleepover Party in 2014

What she says about April 2014 - oy.

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On What If Gwyneth Paltrow Is Merely a Mirror of Our Own Obnoxiousness?

@Tragically Ludicrous Oh no, I like it too - it's that Paltrow thinks Europeans are all so highbrow and intellectual while the ESC is definitely not.

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On What If Gwyneth Paltrow Is Merely a Mirror of Our Own Obnoxiousness?

Re: "I have to go back to Europe" - wonder how she would feel about the Eurovision Song Contest.

I can't hate on her though. From a distance it's hilarious.

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On Lionel Shriver on obesity and the surplus of attractive characters in fiction: "The solution is to get a grip and put human beauty in perspective"

@iceberg I was also not attractive and then became not unattractive until after college. My experience has been that people are assholes no matter what. When I was ugly people for the most part just ignored me as if I was a nonentity, but when I was cuter, either I (1) "belonged" to them in that they had certain expectations as to how I should act (be fashionable, outgoing, sexually available) and flipped out if I didn't meet those expectations and (2) was seen as a non-entity (too supposedly stupid or something else was wrong) or a threat (OMG, she's after my boyfriend!).

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On "I don’t want her to wear her good nature like a gemstone, her body like an ornament"

It's great that the parent's teaching the daughter to not be "nice," but then it can cross the line to being rude. Guess the balance here is to teach the child that one should be polite yet assertive - until there's a situation where it's ok (in fact, better) to be rude. But it's certainly difficult in that it's hard to explain to a young child about all the complexities involved.

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There's this book called Trauma and Recovery - the focus of the book is about PSTD and trauma, but it implies/argues that domestic/family violence is a form of terrorism, but on a smaller scale. Yet the difference in how we approach the two are so drastically different in practically every aspect.

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On Other People's Kids, Homes

@Nutellaface Or any investment, for that matter. It would be kind for the LW to do so, but it's still the parent's responsibility.

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