On Drynuary Halfpoint Check-In

@hungrybee I've found that my antidepressants seem to be working better. I felt like I'd slowly been sliding into a darker place the last 2 months or so, but I've feeling a bit brighter and more stable in Drynuary. Guess I'll have to be more mindful of that once the month is over. I really, really like wine, but I also really like getting out of bed and not feeling perpetually awful.

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On Drynuary Halfpoint Check-In

@fruiting body Yes, the food-drink matching thing has been responsible for a few of my cravings as well. I think that there can be exquisite pleasure in a great food and wine (or sometimes beer or cocktail) combo, and I've felt a bit bummed out a couple of times when I had good meals that would have been perfectly complemented by a specific wine.

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On Drynuary Halfpoint Check-In

@C_Webb Same problem with the increased snacking. I feel like I'm eating more at night, and not generally because I'm hungry. Maybe it's just habit, like having something to do with one's hands and mouth (insert your own dirty joke here)?

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

@Dirty Hands Hmmm, I'll have to give the kale pesto a try since I do like pesto -- thanks! I haven't completely given up on kale, but I eat it reluctantly at best, despite enjoying a good assortment of other leafy greens, and wanting to like it because I know how good it is for me. I think part of what turns me off is indeed the texture, which I can't imagine being non-disruptive in guac.

I wonder if a lot of farms have an overabundance of it... it seems like it's everywhere, at least in NYC, so maybe that's why...

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

If I can go on a tangent related to pureed delicious spreads/dips for a sec, I was vaguely disturbed by something I saw last night while in Whole Foods. Next to the normal guacamole that they prepare in store (which I think very good, albeit too pricy to buy all that often), there was a sign drawing my attention to what they had deemed "kalemole." Yep, guac made with kale. I may be biased (I've valiantly tried to like kale, but I just can't get into it), but this seems not right to me. Any thoughts?

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

@martinipie Agreed that homemade hummus is the best! I don't know what it is, but no matter how you make it, it just tastes so much better fresh! Almost equally good is the kind from the prepared foods bar at Whole Foods, I suppose because it's fresh as well.

The best store-bought, in-a-container hummus I ever has was when I lived in Cape Town. The major grocery store chain there, Pick ' Pay, had a peppadew hummus, as well as a cucumber hummus. You can buy peppadews here, so I might have to do some experimenting one day when I own a food processer.

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On Hair Day

@This is my new username I can recommend the L'Oreal EverSleek conditioner, which I've been using regularly for almost a year now. I think the line has some styling products as well. It's sulfate and silicone-free, and the label says it uses argan, sunflower, and olive oils. I like it because it imparts enough moisture to make my fine, color-treated hair soft without weighing it down, and seems to prevent the frizzies. It has a subtle, clean smell, and it's pretty cheap. I'm all in favor of air-drying... I almost never blow-dry any more, and when I do it makes me hair feel dry and shed more than usual. Good luck!

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On Drynuary: What and Why

Can I just say that I love how one of the suggested links above is called "Quitting Booze Ruined Her Life?"

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On Drynuary: What and Why

@terrific That's exactly what I'm going for! Last night I ran a bunch of errands I had been putting off, though tonight I ended up taking an unintentionally long nap after work when I mean to just lay down for 20-30 minutes, so I guess it's a toss-up so far?

@Onymous That could be tough on the wallet, especially since I live in NYC and tend to prefer nice cocktail lounges and cozy wine bars as opposed to dives and sports bars for my drinking. To be fair, the blow is often cushioned for me by generous gentleman and even lady friends who seem to take pity on my irregular and meager earnings in the form of insisting on paying more than their fair share when we go out. I'm very lucky and grateful in that respect, and try to make it up as much as possible in the ways that I can afford, and cover things when I'm doing well (I'm a freelancer, so my finances can vary from month to month).

I work from home, and since a few of my core friends moved out of town over the last 2-3 months I feel like I've been being more hermit-like than is good for me, so I'm kind of hoping this may serve as an incentive for my introverted self to get out more often. Spending a bit more on drinks or whatever is a worthwhile trade-off for me to be more social and develop stronger relationships, I think.

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On Fruit News

@serpens kaput Thanks! I always suspected that most concern over fructose is because of artificial/man-made stuff, not actual fruit. I presume that if we just eat lots of fruit without many baked goods, soda, etc. we'll be totally fine, because, like, evolution and stuff. Either way, I'm eating mangoes forever!

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