Can You Patent a Tank Top?

As detailed in this BuzzFeed piece, Lululemon has patented 31 items in its line of insidious business-casual yoga gear, and is currently taking Hanes/Champion/Target to task for a tank top: Hanes, asserting that the design patent shouldn't have been issued to begin with, is filing suit. Here's a snippet from Lululemon's cease-and-desist letter. READ MORE

Blogger Morbid

So, a few months ago I wrote a short story about a pop star who decides to install herself in a glass box in a museum in order that she might die in public before her hotness starts to: if you're interested, you can read this grotesque flight of fancy through the Offline Magazine app for 99 centavos, or read about it in this brief interview, in which I talk about my love of Britney and distrust of relatability, and give "advice" to budding writers like "Do what you feel" and also "I have a hard time with advice." 

Erik Hassle, "Pathetic"

Out since February, this SOHN-produced song from Erik Hassle is exactly what I wish top 40 sounded like—the "I'm-so-e-mo-tion-al-ly needy, baby" part is one of the canniest little hooks of the year—and its new video, while relatively unremarkable, has gotten me singing this to myself all day all over again. (Previously, from Hassle, the absolutely killer Timberlake-ish "Talk About It.")

Rosés You Can Bring to the Ice Cream Truck

Anyone interested in rosé and/or ice cream (this "anyone" I assume encompasses 99.5% of the readership of this Web Site) will be deeply soothed by these rosé-and-cheapo-ice-cream pairings at Vanity Fair. No word on which wine I should drink with my Bomb Pop, so I'll just drink all of them.

Let's Pool Our Money and Buy John Cheever's House

"Pool" our money, ha ha. The Westchester County property is on the market for $525,000, which seems, all things considered, like a bargain. READ MORE

Birthright Still Sending Trips to Israel, Encouraging Participants to Tag Photos #YOLOIsrael

Miriam Berger's got the surreal details at BuzzFeed, including a recent trip participant who says, “We feel really safe, it’s almost as if we’re in this bubble."

Raury, "Cigarette Song"

Here is a charming, easy, summertime track from Raury, an 18-year-old from at Atlanta who's been tapped to open for Outkast in their mutual hometown in the fall.

Ambivalence: Always An Option

Our choices, apparently, are these: either damn any Serious Woman who's worn lipstick while photographed, or take her Chanel habit as providing serious insight into her intelligence and/or soul. How awful that sounds. Let's reclaim being ambivalent about fashion magazines, instead. READ MORE

The Love Song of Walter the Seltzer Man and Mrs. Blitz

The Atlantic spotlights an awesome old project: READ MORE

Hudson Mohawke, "Chimes"

Did you listen to Yeezus all day yesterday after reading that Kanye interview? Did "Blood on the Leaves" make you crave another incursion of the trap horn tornado? Hudson Mohawke, half of the now-split "Blood"-sampled duo TNGHT, brings it back hard at :50.