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Possible advice for this situation...

GOOD ADVICE: What jazzloon said. Nope the fuck out of there. (I wish there was an app that would remind me to do this when I'm in an awkward situation.)

ALSO GOOD ADVICE: It's a great time to take a break from social media. Stick to other Internets instead, because Instagram will only infuriate you. Play some random game on your phone instead. This will likely have blown over by the time you're sick of that game on your phone.

BAD ADVICE: Call your sister, Skype, text, whatever means of communication you like best. (Not cat videos, though. Like actual real communication.) Tell her that yes, breakups suck, and it's really too bad that The Ex dumped her, and you probably know exactly how she feels since he wasn't exactly great with you! And that should have been a huge red flag but she missed it, and yes breakups suck, but what else was she expecting when she pinned way too much on a person who was so obviously toxic? Now start acting like a 38-year-old and put on your big girl pants and stop acting like a 21-year-old whose best friend is her iPhone, which she bought a $60 case for because it has three Swarovski crystals on it. Three. For $60. That is a terrible fucking deal.

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By Bittersweet on 18 Brides in a Year

@j-i-a The difference between how I see marriage and weddings portrayed in the media, and how I feel when loved ones stand up and pledge their love and commitment to each other, is baffling and ridiculous. Thanks for putting it in such lovely and honest words, Jia. Happy New Year!

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By j-i-a on 18 Brides in a Year

you guys, THANK YOU, i really appreciate these comments--it was hard for me to write this and feel confident in any way that i could in words reconcile my abstract aversion to marriage with my concrete bubble-joy every time i see my friends kiss at the altar, and the understanding that if i were in the rawlsian original position i'd probably say the best possible rule for women is "do whatever the fuck you want." but really thank you thank you

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By Onymous on Friday Open Thread

The only thing I like about Christmas is that for two months everything is peppermint flavored.

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By Emby on Friday Open Thread

So, I've been offered a position at San Diego State University. And I think I'm going to take it.


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I got a dream job today! I'm going to be starting as an assistant curator at a London museum which rhymes with Schmictoria And Schmalbert...


I'll be in the Sculpture/Ceramics/Metalwork department... even though my PhD was in prints... but that means I get to play with their jewellery collection! ESTATE JEWELLERY HERE I COME.

I'm slightly nervous because I already have some teaching work lined up at my former PhD department, which I committed to months ago, and I don't yet have confirmation that they can accommodate it - though it's only 2 hours, one afternoon a week, in term time till the Spring. I am going to spend this weekend having nightmares that the offer is going to be rescinded entirely.


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So Emily Machar was on the Colbert Report this week and when Steve was listing the places her work has appeared he was all, well-known magazine, nationally recognized newspaper, etc, etc [portentous pause]...THE HAIRPIN. And he said all significant. Like he's a reader or something. Anyway I loved that and props to the 'Pin for the cable network shoutout.

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By kinbarichan on Two People Feel Like They've Got the Answer Where Kids & Dogs Are Concerned

@emmycantbemeeko: Okay, I have noticed that you have talked a lot about acclimating kids to dogs, but you only briefly mentioned acclimating dogs to kids.
You know what be helpful?
You know what would be really helpful?
People teaching their dogs how to behave.
Instead of having to debrief my child about her 'inappropriate' terror when that giant dog jumped up on her again and again, how about that dog's owner take some responsibility for training their dog not to jump (I don't care if the dog is high-spirited, full of joy, or 'just wants to make friends') on strangers? Instead of my daughter crossing over to the other side of the street when she comes to the house with the rottweiler barking and barking and barking as it presses up close to the fence, how about those people train their dog to not bark at EVERY SINGLE PERSON who walks by?
In my neighbourhood, there are some friendly, well-trained dogs, and I make a point of praising their behaviour and being friendly in return, as an example to my daughter. There are also some dogs that are hostile and poorly-trained, and owners who are lazy and sometimes complete jerks, and I honestly believe it is their job to train those dogs or keep them in their well-fenced yards or leashed when they go for walks.
tl;dr - Train dogs not to be aggressive and inappropriate, and then I won't need to talk my child out of being afraid of dogs. my child won't be afraid anymore.

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By lizard on George Saunders to the Class of 2013: "Err in the Direction of Kindness"

@polka dots vs stripes one of the simplest statements i heard about the trayvon case really stuck with me. i think it was a preist. he said " i want to live in a world where zimmerman saw trayvon walking and offered him a ride home." such a small thing but kind

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I just got accepted to present my thesis research at the Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference! I am soooooo excited, you guys!

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