On What Do You Wear Around the House?

@Ellie I also have pajamas and House Clothes. Although, in my case it's because I'm slightly allergic to the cat and it's just a good idea to not wear things covered in cat hair (he's a shedder AND a cuddler) to bed. There's also the fact that I prefer lighter pajamas than I'd be comfortable in if I'm up and about, because I like lots of blankets on the bed. So in the winter, the shorts and worn out t-shirt are not going to cut it if I'm hanging out on the computer or on the couch- I'd be way too cold.

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On What Do You Wear Around the House?

I don't wear street clothes in the house very often. This is a hold-over from both umpteen years of Catholic school where my mom mandated that uniforms come off as soon as you get home and also from living several years in a place where doing laundry was inconvenient at best. Changing into At Home Clothes means that I can usually get multiple wears out of Public Clothes before they really need washed (provided I didn't spill anything on them or get very sweaty for some reason). So I hang around the house in track pants and t-shirts mostly. Bras are sometimes things- if I've already left the house, I'll usually leave it on, but I don't usually put it on until I get ready to go out. I put jeans/pants with buttons and zippers and cleaner/less beat up shirts on to leave the house. I also don't wear shoes in the house. Socks, yes, in the winter, but shoes come off as soon as I come through the door. Jeans are a close second- they're really remarkably uncomfortable once you're not used to wearing them around the house.

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On "He doesn't have attention deficit. We're not going to medicate him."

@KatPruska Oh, yes, me too. It's a pretty big crack, there, that 80s/90s "Girls can't have ADD"/"You can't have ADD without also having a learning disorder" crack. I was 26 before I was tentatively diagnosed and 30 before I was officially diagnosed. Grad school was my Waterloo. Makes me wonder how much less trouble I would have gotten into, how much further I would have gone.

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