On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@AmandaElsewhere Hi! Lili here! This has been a series at The Hairpin since 2011. :)


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On Animals Not Good at Hiding

@RocketSurgeon Ahhh!!!! No rhinos charged me, though I did accidentally wake up a lion by driving too close to him. (That one was good at hiding.)

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On Animals Not Good at Hiding

hiding under his own leg? Or yoga?

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On Reading Between the Texts: The Best/Worst Texts We Got This Year

I love reading these. So much.

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On Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2012

@laurel Me too please!

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On Woman Not a Fan?

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@Danzig! I just wanted to jump in to say that my main issue with the article is its premise: it's a mistake to think the only way to affect culture or engage with it critically is thru explicit analysis. Anyone who's taught knows that lecturing is less productive than exposing people to primary sources and letting them decide for themselves what is and isn't spin, or bias, or, yes, sexism.

The point is that n+1's route is great--it's one I actually like. But it's not the only way to interact with an online audience in a smart way. There are others. For instance, give people women laughing alone with salad and let 'em laugh, and let them think. People are pretty smart. To mistake much of what The Hairpin does for shallowness or vacuous likability is to be, well, a little bit stupid. Not that the n+1 article is--it has lots of good stuff. But. To quote Michelle Dean, "I suppose I just wish "ladyblog" was not now viewed as a legitimate analytical category."

What I said to her, and what I hope is true, is that It's going to happen for awhile, in the same way that all gay characters on TV get compared. But it'll pass. People'll get used to idea that "mostly female" isn't a marked category that automatically dominates our sense of content.

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@Anne Helen Petersen Yeah--that's how I feel about the 17th century posts too. It makes my academic work seem worthwhile. This is interesting stuff, it deserves to make it out of the academy, and it's a huge mistake to think that the only way to intelligently critique--or affect--culture is through explicit analysis. People are smart. Put the stuff in front of them--especially stuff that gets marooned in Universityland--and let 'em delight in it, chat about it, whatever. There are worse cultural tragedies than people *liking* and talking about primary sources, be they 17th century broadsides, women laughing alone with salad, or actresses and the world that made them.

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@stonefruit I just have to pop in here to say I'm reading Batuman's The Possessed right now and I keep laughing my head off. She is amazing.

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On Ira Glass on Savage Love

@parallel-lines Oh. Wow. I did not know this. "Little ghetto girl"? LITTLE GHETTO GIRL?

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