On Texts From the American Girls

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On Jokes

I left NYC almost three years ago, and this is legit the first time i REALLY missed it.

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On Estate Jewelry: The Horror

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On Debt-Sharing and Mismatched Ambition

@bocadelperro I LOVE THIS DUDE! But one fine-tuning, for people with pre-marriage debt who are reading this comment thread and biting their nails.

Whether or not your legal partner becomes legally reponsible for your debt, whether alive n'married or EVEN after death, varies by state. In most US states, debt incurred BEFORE the marriage will never belong to the partner, because it never belonged to the marriage. In some states, the second party is not even liable for debt incurred during the marriage by the first party if the second party did not benefit.
So: the debt-inheritance thing usually does not apply to debts incurred before marriage. Not even with fire-breathing student loans.

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