On RIP, Richard Griffiths

@avoidmadness Sorry for my harshness. I wonder if I would've had a totally different reaction if I'd seen that first, or never seen the play? For me, the movie never got the sense of unbridled out of control joy that the play inspired -- especially in the big schoolroom scenes. But no doubt it still has that great script to admire.

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On RIP, Richard Griffiths

History Boys on Broadway: One of the greatest theatrical experiences of my life. The audience DESTROYED ITSELF with laughter at certain parts. And then at others: The SAD! The ICKY! The pacing was just incredible. As was Richard Griffiths. (And goddamn Dominic Cooper sexing up the place, who thus far has been unable to properly capture his sexiness on film.)

How did they manage to mangle it so badly in the movie?

Also, Withnail. Yes.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money

(I work in book publishing.) Authors actually get more money from sales in stores. Most publishing contracts have a standard royalty rate for every book sold, but there's a separate royalty rate for places that publishers sell to at a bigger discount -- which includes Amazon, because Amazon ages ago got publishers to agree to sell them books at a higher discount than what they sell to bookstores. I could go into the details of that but it would take lots of time, and the takeaway point is: In general, Authors get HALF the royalty from Amazon sales than they do from bricks & mortar sales.

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On I Never Meta-Horror I Didn't Like

@evil melis I love Baghead! The relationships are so interesting. And then it truly freaked me out.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Autumnal Cleaning Conundrums

So I'm not sure the skirt question is actually about static? It seems like more the problem of skirts getting caught in between your legs as you walk, which happens regardless of static, and would be more of a "how to be a girl" question. I know slips can help with this for unlined skirts; are there other secrets? On the other hand I could just be misinterpreting the question.

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On Some Incredible Men

@anachronistique Oh thank god for pointing this out. I thought I was going insane or perhaps had developed some *really* intense deja vu! But, yes, good reading (both times) I read it.

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On We Few, We Happy Few

@meetapossum Seconded. Look at that little face! If I need to cry, btw, I rent Empire of the Sun. It's a lengthy commitment but worth it for the catharsis.

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