Gorgeous, gorgeous. And you made my city look so pretty! Most imporatntly, I'm in love with the library. I almost called my boyfriend to declare, "I'm getting married in a library." And then I remembered we aren't engaged yet.

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On The ChocoVine Chocolate Red Wine Cake

Oh, Chocovine. My boyfriend and I just tried it last week. It tasted like straight up cough medicine. Ew!

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On Sympathy for Liz

@geometree That was just mean of her to tell you that. Like really.

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On Sympathy for Liz

My mom was dragged to a psychic with a friend back in the 80s. The psychic breezed past the friend and said to my mom, "I see 18 wheels when I look at you." My mom, ever the skeptic, gave her the "yeah, okay, lady" bit. Fast forward one month. She meets my dad, who drives an 18-wheeler semi. WHAAAAT. She's hyper-religious though, and is still freaked out from the episode.

But more importantly, I can relate to the psychic-influencing-me-for-life thing. In 9th grade a psychic told me I'd move far from home (does 8 hours count?) and marry a guy with dark hair, "medium" skin, and light eyes. I've forever compared EVERY BOYFRIEND EVER to that description. Of course, I always tell myself, "Oh, of course he fits this description...?" But seriously, I regret the psychic visit. I hope she was wrong.

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On In Search of a Fair Fare

@ejcsanfran What?? Southwest is my favorite! Their staff is so cheerful and pleasant.

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On A Tidy Death

This sounds ALL TOO familiar. About a year ago, I noticed a lump in my neck flaring up every so often. In December, I realized it was getting MUCH larger. Of course, the ONLY option the nurse told me that it might be was Hodgkins Lymphoma. I also had terrible night sweats to go along with it, and if you've wiki'd HL.. well.. terrifying. Thank GOD the sonogram came back as a thyroid cyst! But that week between the cancer option and the radiologist was so scary. My friend had recently chopped her hair off for Locks of Love, and she saved her hair for me. My parents discussed options for me completing dental school. I realized I might never get married or have children. It really is awful to face death straight on. I decided that if it was lymphoma, I would adopt a "fuck cancer" attitude though, and it got me through the scary time.

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On Taylor Swift, "I Knew You Were Trouble"

Anyone else think those last few "troubles" in the song sound just a bit like Lindsay Lohan a la "Rumors"? It's that audio effect.... ehhhh.

Despite, I still heart this song already - thanks to the sweet chorus.

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On Taylor Swift, "I Knew You Were Trouble"

@mangosara YES! I'm already on Step 4 by a few listens...... T Swizzle just reels me in EVERY damn time!

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On Christina Aguilera, "Your Body"

@Sea Ermine YES. That dress is HOT.

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On Christina Aguilera, "Your Body"

@Decca @lora.bee SAME. But then again, I've been a diehard Xtina fan since the 6th grade.

This song is fun, but probably won't be one of my favorites of hers. Can't wait for the album!!!

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