Superstitious Bloodrocuted, with his social anxiety and overtaxed lint roller.

On How Little Exercise Is "Enough" Exercise?

@cuminafterall Change, workout, shower... stay in, watch a movie, and so on?

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On "What" a Note to Follow "So": Why I Am the Baroness

@CinnamonSwirls Outgoing babies usually have problem behaviors later on. Their open-to-stimulus behavior as an infant evolves into a thrill-seeking, precocious behavior as children. (Meaning, of course, baby approval means Recklessly Cool Kids of the Future approval.)

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On Who Invited This Guy

@Lily Rowan Now I have to watch Jim and Pam's wedding entrance, and be late for work. Thanks.

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On Paint Me Like One of Your Close Female Friends

@Slutface Hiding what website you're on, because you feel the community of commenters is a delicate ecosystem and you don't want your coworkers on, sexily.

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On Paint Me Like One of Your Close Female Friends

@hallelujah Being too awkward to return hugs, sexily.
Eating alone, sexily.
I would buy this.

Edit: what is in crosswalks that makes you trip? Oh yeah, cars and cars of audience.

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On Explanations

@MrsTeacherFace If someone is yet to arrive at the conclusion that you and your kind are real individual people separate from that person's experience, dismissing them is the... least violent response.
But I have read, I think on here, that it is easy for men to dismiss women as a whole and impossible for women to dismiss men as a whole, because media is based around men and men's experiences. In reality, these guys have not been dismissed as much as they deserve, because all women and men here understand and know them, while that guy seems to have no idea about the women in the same situation that @RoxxieRae mentions.

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On Explanations

@KatPruska I like that concept. One day of the week when we can be angry at the planet as usual, but also yell to those who listen and appreciate each other's fury.

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheBourneApproximation Have you tried killing anyone? I haven't, but maybe that's the way to go? If you talk to people, it makes them feel better!

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheBourneApproximation You um, have to have a fire.
The robot's "request information" tells you everyone's psychological state, no action cost. Doctor-Soldier-Engineer-Psychiatrist. You don't know how you are doing.
The soldier is strongest, the engineer is weakest. The engineer and psychiatrist love each other although they do not sit together.
The dog is okay at hunting and you don't have a lot of bullets.
I think Watch Fire helps your psychological state, but you are also strong, so you don't need it often.

Edit: In my current world, I have a candied diamond sword, which is all I have ever wanted.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Absurd Bird You could leave boxes in rooms and fill up a little each day. (As you brush your teeth, start tossing all your extra toiletries in your bathroom box. While you wait for the internet, fill up your desk box with the not-essentials.)
Also, burn most things. You are on the right track with Goodwill.

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