On How to Fail for a Month, Year, or Decade and Be Okay

this was very, very funny.

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On Considering Criticism, Impostor Syndrome, and Married-People Ethics


Its very interesting to read these comments from academics. Given the criteria you operate under, I can understand why incredibly smart people can feel so much self-doubt.

Whereas in the regular business world, you find out REALLY quickly if you're an idiot or not. Especially if you interact directly with the marketplace, without layers of management to cover for your mistakes or to steal your glory.

Either the market likes your product or service or it doesnt. That's pretty much it.

If it seems to like you on a regular basis--everyone screws up sometime-- you and others will declare yourself smart. No matter what your GPA was in college.

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On For My Daughter, on Her First Birthday

Me too. My fantasy is telling Sherlock my mystery-problem and getting all the way through the explanation without him shouting "BORING"!

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On On Speechwriting

@H.E. Ladypants

Another thing: good speeches look rather weird on paper, since they're meant to appeal to the ear and not the eye.

So a brilliant essayest or novelist might not be a great speechwriter, as they'll need to figure in timing and cadence in a way that will seem really wrong (to the eye).

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On Many Years Before the Dawn of History

I know. You'd think the city was knee-deep in dead bodies!

What I find fascinating, as an American, is how dismissive the British are towards the police. Granted a lot of that must be exaggerated for television, but can Brits really talk to cops like that without penalty? Lucky them.

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On Mindy, Mindy, Mindy

@Lily Rowan I agree. I thought Bossypants was interesting, but not particularly funny. Whereas Mindy's book has a "laugh out loud" line on every single page.

SO SAD about her mother.

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On Greece and Turkey: A Brief Personal Travelogue

@Heat Signature
I SO know what you mean. Maybe its because I live in temperate Los Angeles, where I'm rarely physically uncomfortable. So when I am, it stays in my memory bank.

I had the glorious opportunity to stay at the London Ritz (rich boyfriend) a few years ago, and sadly, even surrounded by all that luxury, my strongest memories are of how jet lagged/hungover/cold I was. PATHETIC

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On Cheryl Strayed, Cary Tennis, Emily Yoffe, and Lynn Coady Walk Into a "Bar"

Totally, my earphones have become a sanity-support system. You simply cannot get on public transporation in Los Angeles without them.

Im always afraid the battery is going to run out or, worse yet, I'll leave them in a drawer somewhere. I must check my purse at least 10 times every morning to make sure they're in there.

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On Objectivism at Night

@Rubyinthedust Yeah, to be fair, you need to know WHY she had those views.

The Soviet totalitarian system that she escaped was originally meant to elevate the oppressed but ended up an Orwellian nightmare. So, as far as she was concerned, ANY virtue that could be used in the service of totalitarianism needed to go.

Which--I guess--explains why she hated religion too. It too could--and has--been used to justify some pretty ghastly things "for the greater good".

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On Objectivism at Night

As one of the few she-libertarians in captivity, it's my duty to stick up--a little--for Ms Rand.

There are probably 5 people on earth who agree with everything she says and the rest of us just focus on the good stuff (she was fiercely pro choice, anti-totalitarian and made a brilliant case for individual freedom) while looking aghast at her contempt for religion and the non-achievers of the world.

I doubt Ms Rand would want to hang out with me--I'm very lazy-- but sometimes I like to hang out with her and Dagny Taggart, especially when I need a kick in the butt. Her rants can be very energizing.

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