On Interview With My Mom, The Olympian Who Wasn't

Vespoli oh my god I feel like I met a celebrity

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On The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth-Telling

Perhaps this is a bit mean, but I bet the author isn't a very good copywriter. Communication doesn't seem to be her strong suit, nor insight into others, nor even concept.

It strikes me that the attempt at honesty here is more dishonest than most dating site profiles. With the exception of height, probably. And frankly, the depressed over-sharer has a not insignificant presence on OkCupid already. It was interesting to read the responses, though. They were not what I expected.

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On A to Z: Cocktails That Live Up to their Names

@queenofbithynia I was maybe seven or eight when I read the books and I was not raised in a very religious home.

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On A to Z: Cocktails That Live Up to their Names

I also wish Turkish Delight was anything but Turkish Delight. I was an angry child when I got to the last book and realized I'd been duped into reading a Christian allegory, and I was angrier years later when I first saw Turkish Delight.

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On Snub-Nosed Monkey Unwilling to Have Hideous Snub-Nosed Baby

@whizz_dumb My grandmother calls hers rhodies.

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On Thin Mints Popcorn and Other Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

They wouldn't even do this on Chopped.

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On Choose Your Own Catfishing Adventure

I got a guy in a bubble bath. Admirable.

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On What a Difference 34 Years Makes

Ted's still got a handful of girlfriends.

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On Wonderful Sentences About Tourism in Finland

Ice yachting sounds fucking lovely.

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On The Mother of Dragons Looks Into Day School Options

@The Attic Wife I feel this way. Mostly I am concerned about the setting being moved to the American South.

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