On Estate Jewelry: Millennial Octopi and The Perfect Handle for Your Parasol

Hey pals

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On Red Wines to Bring to Olivia Pope's House on Thanksgiving

Not one Shiraz??


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On The Best Time I Lost a Tampon and Found My Cervix

"and my last period just ended, but I think there’s a tampon stuck inside me so like, maybe I’m technically still on it?"


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On "Your Favorite Rapper Probably Sucks": Interview with Angel Haze

I have to admit her name has popped up and gotten buried into my brain bank, but this is an amazing introduction. ALSO, ANGEL, I'M A CANCER TOO I FEEL U GURL

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On Finally, A Wine Just for Cats

Aren't grapes toxic to cats?

- Debbie Downer/Cat Lady

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On Meet the Sun City Poms, the Arizona Cheerleading Squad Whose Oldest Member Is 83

Today's moment of Zen: Today is Barbara Walters' 84th birthday. She is one year older than the youthful and agile woman picture. She's also older than my Grammy. I can't.

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On The Things We Hide


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On Interview with a High-Fashion Model Who Is Also Transgender

I laughed out loud at least six times reading this. Arisce, I am now following your everything.

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On Farewell to "What The F*shion"


I died

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On What If Gwyneth Paltrow Is Merely a Mirror of Our Own Obnoxiousness?

On the heels of #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen week, it's time for #WhiteGirlProblems week!

(no shade being thrown, just a funny juxtaposition of content in recent days)

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