On The League of Ordinary Ladies: How Was Your Summer?

Mazel tov Esther! I am most grateful you are back on your comic and podcast grind(s)!

Posted on November 20, 2014 at 2:08 pm 1

On Reading & Weeping

@zobot I was going to ask if it was doable, especially for someone thinking about getting pregnant in the not too distant future. Sounds like I know my answer.

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On Pregnancy, Week by Week

Love the Hairpin for a) posting this kind of content and b) not having a commentariat that will shame a woman for taking antidepressants during pregnancy. Be well, Joelle!

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On A Monday Playlist

OMG the vocalist from HAERTS sounds like Susanna from The Bangles so my week is made.

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On 20 Songs by Women that Will Turn 20 in 2014

Why was 1994 the best year ever?

The Murmurs, "You Suck"

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On Pass the Cranberry Chodes: Christmas, According to a December 1951 Copy of Woman's Day

Reveling in sloppy editing and flowery early 50s vernacular is a special type of pleasure. HAMBURG.

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On Erica Gets An IV

The morphine dreams. THE WORST.

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On The 10 Scariest Sentences in This New York Times Story About Ants

Trying so hard not to click through. So hard. Somebody remind me.

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On A Requiem for Molly, The "Archived" American Girl Doll

Oh Molly! I think of my grandmother too, and I remember asking her if she had a victory garden and SHE DID and I was so excited.

Also, it wouldn't be an American Girl article if I didn't mention my grief over accidentally giving away Kirsten AND HER BED by mistake when my mom donated some old dressers.

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On DJ Earworm's "United States of Pop" Mix Is Here


Whatever happened to that Jay Sean fella?

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