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On Friday Open Thread

@Vera Knoop a variety of my favorite "i feel crazy and want to feel better" pastimes:

* a bubble bath.
* a trashy book and/or TV show (Veronica Mars! Buffy! Damages!)
* tea date with a lovely lady friend.
* long walk.
* ballet class!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Daisy Razor THIS EXISTS!!! i was coming to the friday open thread for the first time in order to request a bargain bin because i missssss themmm and it was already here. thank you to you, kind sir.

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On Nine Days Alone On: Easter Island

@rowrow I just clicked through to Paul Brady's Tumblr and I see that he's an actual travel writer.

How about plebeians?

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On Nine Days Alone On: Easter Island

How does one become a "Alone On..." correspondent? Because I, you know, do stuff. Sometimes. If there's any interest in a month alone in Buenos Aires/Uruguay/Rio/Sao Paulo I'd love to contribute. ;)

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On Loneliness, Mistakes, and the Inner Questionnaire

@redheaded&crazy THIS is why you should keep all phone numbers in your phone forevermore. unless you have a tendency to drunk dial, in which case... nevermind.

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On An Interview With the Author of "The Flying Brownie"

@laurel yes. that sounds amazing.

i'm so glad this was posted, because in another life i'd imagined myself a dessert purveyor. given that i am not patient and not persistent, and also have zero self-control when it comes to eating the sweet things i produce, maybe that is a life choice for another lady.

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On Ten Days Alone In: Shanghai

oh, i want to be there now, and eating that now. agreed on Shanghai being a hard place to send oneself (so expensive! visa's!) but i also have fingers crossed for a work trip.

that said, can the dumplings of Argentina be dulce de leche filled churros? because i definitely bit/slurped/devoured a few (=too many) of those.

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On Considering Criticism, Impostor Syndrome, and Married-People Ethics

LW3 - don't do it, don't do it, don't do it.

it feels wonderful and fun and spicy and magical because it's "safe" because he's a "friend", but then a line gets crossed, people find out, you get branded a homewrecker and lose a bunch of friends (also, self-respect.)

that mayyyy have been colored by personal experience, but it still holds true. it is not worth it.

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On Ideas for a Solo Traveler

man, what a question. go... anywhere? where have you always wanted to go? do you like sun? cities? beaches? nature? art? americana?

figure out a bit of what you'd like, and then start browsing guide books. even though it seems fuddy duddy, i like Frommer's for their "best experiences" sections. you can also check out operators like Gap Adventures, and copy their itineraries if you're not sure what to see in a set time in a set country.

with limited time and money, here are a few suggestions:
* stick to one country, or one (small) region. too much time racing from place to place does not a fun trip make.
* like some of the other commenters said, centre your trip around a class. if you don't feel like language classes, you could take a cooking class in Thailand, yoga in Costa Rica, whatever really.
* avoid Europe. Europe is expensive. airfare would be $1k, and the rest of your money wouldn't go very far with museum entries, transportation around, and food.
* try South America or Asia. i had great experiences backpacking solo in Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal and Guatemala. i experienced more harassment as a solo (blonde) female traveler in Malaysia, India and Vietnam.

have an amazing time.

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On Ideas for a Solo Traveler

@Lisa Frank what i've done as i've gotten old and out of the 18-person-dorm headspace is rent a private room in a hostel. it's still cheap, but you get privacy, extra security, and you can still meet people! i met a lovely girl when i was doing that solo in Istanbul last November.

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