Lady who aspires to lunch. NYC.

By GooooGrapefruit! on 500 Days Alone In: The World

@christonacracker I'm needing a Mike Dang follow-up to this interview.

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By missupright on On Living Abroad

@bethanne I lived abroad, too; I went to school, got my first job, and my first kiss and my first love, all those important things were abroad, and I sometimes I miss places that were my home only for a little while just as much as I miss places I lived longer. And I think that's pretty alright, really. I very rarely miss the Middle East, where I lived the longest; I miss the mountains, where I have only ever lived on-and-off, nearly always.

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By PatatasBravas on Alone in Bali

@rowrow NO WRONG DECISIONS! I also think you're probably pretty healthy if you don't foresee yourself unraveling a mystery or four of the universe merely by trotting around the earth. It's a good thing! Enjoy it and travel and if you learn a few new words I'd count that as decent personal growth too!

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By PatatasBravas on Alone in Bali

@Fang maybe there could be a series of "welcome to my random place?" and people could propose itineraries for visitors to their random homes or beloved places. It wouldn't be limited to exciting big cities or neighborhoods of NYC or anything.

So, "Alone in Denver" or "Alone in a tiny-ass town in the Berkshires" or "Alone in the suburbs of Georgia" or whatever. I WOULD ADORE THAT SERIES.

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By PatatasBravas on If '90s Dude-Crushes Were Food

@Scandyhoovian S'mores is flawless: warm and melty and crispy edges, chocolate for that wink he throws, the stability and support of a graham cracker perfectly broken along the perforated middle to make symmetrical squares.

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By gobblegirl on If '90s Dude-Crushes Were Food

@martinipie The common denominator in all these suggestions is "bad ideas and sadness." I think that's appropriate.

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By cminor on If '90s Dude-Crushes Were Food

@martinipie Gary Oldman is cigarettes and coffee.
Jared Leto is gas station ice cream.

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By bluebears on Jim Behrle Wants to Know

I don't know.........One or two silly kid-like things in the bedroom is kinda cute and charming but a whole room that looks like the room of an eleven year old? Kinda yikes. IMO.


A woman in her thirties

PS: Tipsy emails telling people you like them is the best.

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By Emby on Farewell, Jane

I could weep and fuss and rend my garments—and I shall, in due time—but for now, I'll just say thank you, Jane, for a very fun, very memorable, inimitably readable tenure. May the keyboard rise to meet you.

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By aphrabean on Loneliness, Mistakes, and the Inner Questionnaire

@fabel W/R/T bjs: Yeah, you're including someone in your sex-life without their consent. I would be majorly bummed.

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