On Amer-Wreckin’ Pie: US History in Roller Derby Names

As it would happen I'm wearing a roller derby t shirt right now.
There's also an Eleanor Bruisivelt, and bell RIGHT hooks.

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On The Fantasy Sochi Pie

Passive-aggressive snow shoveling

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On NFL Mascots, Ranked

I'm disappointed that there aren't more suburban pests represented. A raccoon is a good start, but where are you Petey Possum, Selena Squirrel, and Foamy the Disoriented Gopher?

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm watching Ripper Street and knitting a quick scarf. Because I'm exciting like that.

I've found that dreamwater kicks my insomnia's ass. But it tastes way too sweet and is expensive. Does anyone happen to know of a similar knockoff? I've tried just plain melatonin and it' 's inconsistent in the sleep inducing-ness.

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On The World's First "Vadge Sommelier"?

On considering being half naked in a crowded hotel ballroom, pawed at by a complete stranger, my lady parts yelled a loud "NOPE" and walked off.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter Since I live in New England I can find real linguiça, but I opted for the fancy pasture raised chorizo instead.

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On Friday Open Thread

@meetapossum Cool. You'll look like human scrimshaw!
ETA- That sounded way more creepy then I meant it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@daisicles Not superheros or fanstay, but Strangers in paradise will forever hold a place in my heart. Alan Moore's stuff can be a bit hit or miss, but is worth checking out.

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On Friday Open Thread

@meetapossum What of?

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On Friday Open Thread

Making Portuguese kale soup for dinner. Because, username is accurate. And because chorizo is yummy.

My lightheadness has some back, which makes me slightly worry that I'm about to have a flare of the weird neuro stuff. Do. Not. Want.

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