On New Movie PR

@Lily Rowan Miss Manners says that Mrs. is a shortening of Mistress. So are Ms. and Miss. Are you contradicting Miss Manners?

(The dictionary also agrees because I'm not very confident in my assertions.)

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On Two Unrelated Statements

@TheBelleWitch Did you know that penises are the last remnants of the hydrostatic skeleton found in snails and sea anemones?

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On The Trailer for "Love Is All You Need" is Charming and I'm a Sucker

@Danzig! Come on, this is August-August or September-September.

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On Tumblrs of Note: Reasons My Son Is Crying

@liverwortlaura But the first rule of having a sensory integration disorder is that the world laughs at your suffering!

Like the fifth rule is that the world gets really pissy if you laugh at it when its suffering. Wusses.

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On "Save the Candor"

Modoc county represent!

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On Nicola Explains It All

@frigwiggin Terry Prachett doesn't do animal companion deaths - which is to say, I've read 20-25 books by him, and only one animal with a name dies.

I'm reading Honor Harrington right now, and her treecat is both important and not dead as of the third book.

And Protector of the Small, in Tortall - a few animals totally totally die, but it's more because they're very old and less because of pathos. And there are many animals.

Also Education of Little Tree.

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On Sex Phases, Red Flags, and "I Just Don't Think You'd Be a Good Parent"

LW#3 - He may have been doing the thing - where you told him about your niece living with you, and he thought "Oh God the time, Oh God the money, Oh there will always be children everywhere." and then QUASHED it as an unworthy thought, and when you asked about the hesitation, threw out the first thing that came into his head.

Is your fiance Catholic - or from a Catholic family? Was he trained to be charitable - particularly to family - without a second thought? Because then sometimes people think having and then rejecting the second thought is shameful, and then there is a terrible fight about the third thought instead. (Fights during the first year of my marriage: a retrospective.)

I'm not certain that's what happened, of course, but it seems worth checking.

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On Welcome, xoVain

@bluebears I read "I spent SO much money on X" as "I spent SO much money on Ecstasy", which made the rest of the comment delightful.

Products are basically a less efficient version of actually tricking your brain into happiness, right?

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On Interview With a Virgin: Eliot

@rasko "Pick me up at the airport", "Give me a ride to the mechanic", and "Buy me Gatorade when I'm sick." All the rationale for a long term relationship I need.

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On Texts From Pride and Prejudice

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