By j-i-a on Ask a Psychic

@Das Rad Damn, I just googled "psychic" and I am seeing that they aren't the bonded and certified actuaries of the future that I thought they were???? HAIRPIN, YA BURNT

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 4:59 pm 9

By LauraIngallsWildest on Ask a Psychic

i find this all really fascinating, and i want to believe in this type of transcendental knowledge, and all that...but...2008 is not an impressive year to have said "not Hillary, someone with close cropped hair." not that one point credits or discredits someone, but come on now.

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By Lisa Frank on Lucy's Conquests

I think we can all learn more about reading people from our dogs.

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By Street Tuff on Other Types of Showers

Can I have a shower because my husband of 6 years left me right after we had a baby? I'm registering for cash, mostly. And maybe some frozen homecooked meals.

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By mintjulips on Other Types of Showers

@OwlOfDerision I love KITTENMOON. So cute and sometimes so needed... like when you're out of work or out of a boyfriend, and you just want to borrow a cat!

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By Mandolin on Other Types of Showers

Just wanted to say... thanks for including plus sized links without comment, sometimes as the first item in a list, always something that is actually attractive. This means a lot to me.

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By Gulfie on Friday Open Thread

I got laid!!

And it was our first hang out and I have no idea where it's going to go from here if at all but I don't care right now, he is gorgeous and we totally did it.

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By Myrtle on Friday Open Thread

Just a note of gratitude, to thank the 'Pintariat for the helpful advice and kind words sent to me over the last few months. And a special shoutout to MissJudgeMental.

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Friday Open Thread

Also, can I talk about Scandal with anyone here? I think I really need to talk about last night's Scandal.

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By iceberg on Friday Open Thread

For those brave few that are still interested in hearing about the Bergy Bits:

The girls got their first baby dolls (lil dude almost got one but decided to get a little dog instead). They were attentive mothers: changing diapers, bathing their babies, putting them to sleep - and later, using them to play catch.

The (increasingly less quiet) Quiet One: "See my butt?" lifts shirt, points to belly button.

Taught them how to do "This Guy / This Girl" (2 thumbs up, pointed at self). Also Peace Signs, which they now use almost interchangeably with "two" as in "Peace sign cookies!" means "I want 2 cookies!"

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