On Six Signs You're Truly Comfortable In Your Relationship

Oh man. I'm so happy I've never been this comfortable with anyone.

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On A Conversation Amongst Me, Taylor Swift, and Langston Hughes, About Being 22

I was literally crying 10 minutes ago due to shitty primary election results. And now I'm laughing outloud, with a throaty/sinus infectiony laugh over this fantastic conversation. I wish I was still 22 so I could jump in.

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On The Soundtrack to My Late Blooming Sexual Awakening: A Round Table

I am not a lesbian, but man oh man do I love an Indigo Girls concert. Also, "One Headlight" still does it for me.

Posted on August 22, 2014 at 10:36 pm 2

On An Important Conversation about Choices and Business

@HelloTheFuture Haven't we all seen Yentl? How could you watch Yentl and not have a crush on Mandy Patinkin?

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On Anger Problems and The Trivia Superteam

I hate Hendrix and love trivia nights, though I'm not superteam-worthy.

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Notting Hill

So excited for a Rom Com club! I haven't watched Notting Hill in ages.

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On The Only Mystery In Vermillion, South Dakota

I don't know if there would be enough for a series, but I feel like I've read several stories about young folks whose summers revolved, in part, around library adventures. I feel like this could be something.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

@Mistress Sparrow As someone in her late 20s who only just read The Giver in the last year or two, I can attest it totally holds up. Also would like to second the Eleanor and Park love.

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On Teeth Dreams

I've definitely had teeth falling out dreams. The most recent one featured a tooth decaying and turning black, and I was trying to keep it from falling out before I could get to the dentist, but it fell out. Those dreams are so so unsettling, especially because I have lost the genetic teeth lottery, so I know my dental future is nothing but pain and sadness.

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On Cristina Scuccia and Our Enduring Love for Singing Nuns

Did you seriously just describe Nunsense as unfortunate? I believe that opinion is the most unfortunate of all.

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