On I Hereby Convene The Beach Witch Coven

SIGN ME UP. i'm actually already a member of a fast and furious coven.

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On "It’s perfectly possible that she will react badly."

hahahahhaha what the fuuuuq

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On Things I Want To Happen in Season 3 of "Orange is the New Black"


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On The Questions Of #BlackLivesMatter

i can't watch this.

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On Things I Definitely Thought Of First

@KateTay NEVER WASH YOUR HAIR EVER AGAIN IF POSSIBLE. that's the only thing that saved mine.

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On Girl, Bye (No, Really, Bye, This Is My Last Day)

i console myself with the thought that this is maybe the best goodbye post i've read. BYE I GUESS.

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On Friendships with Men, Jokes about Men, and Spiderwebs for Catching Men

LW2 is my life. my now ex-boyfriend once told me i'm sexist against straight white men LOL. while i was like "GOOD," i guess i've been wondering if my misandry jokes are going to prohibit me from finding a husband *clutches pearls* maybe i should tone it down? or maybe i should only date/befriend people who fucking get it, idk i can't decide.

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread


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On What Should I Name My Plant?

@Jazmine Hughes :( am i cursed?

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On Beverages I Have Loved

@lobsterhug maybe i just made myself sound smarter than i am because all i use is the regular ole angostura bitters that you can buy at the grocery store even. but it tastes so good! i'm so intrigued by all the fancy chocolate/rhubarb/random bitters flavors but i have no idea how to use any of em

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