On In Sickness and in Health, But Mostly in Sickness

this was beautiful to read, but hard to think about. keep fighting that good fight.

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On Ask a Fancy Person: First Parties, Working for Free, and What to Do When Your Gym Is Crawling with Children

as a cheese seller myself, the "bits" bin is also sometimes where old cheeses go to die. give that shit a good look-over and a strong sniff before purchasing.

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On How to Have a Miscarriage

you are a talented writer. this was beautiful. i'm sorry you went through this, but thank you for sharing it with us.

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On "You can't just give yourself a new face"

like many things, this reminds me of the passage in infinite jest where people start using masks to (essentially) facetime, and then become progressively more terrified of anyone seeing their actual uglier face, and then have to go around wearing those weird masks all the time, and that's sort of the end of facetime.

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On Which Of The 100 Most-Edited Wikipedia Articles Will You Troll Today?

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) that re-edit rules.

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On Which Of The 100 Most-Edited Wikipedia Articles Will You Troll Today?

yep that's god's wiki work right there. good job jia!

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On Too Emotional, Too Sensitive, Too Much

@lisaf just finished it. my heart is smashed to bits, it was so good. my favorites were the essays on morgellon's and the final piece. oof!

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On Too Emotional, Too Sensitive, Too Much

reading the empathy exams at this very moment!

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On The Oprah Cleanse

thank you for your sacrifice, molly. your article is hilarious.

"This feels like something Oprah would actually eat: equal parts abstemiousness (spinach) and luxury (truffle butter). I am googly-eyed with lust.

After the spinach I eat some truffle butter straight from the carton, using a baby spoon, like a monster. I limit myself to 1/6th of the container and am pleased with my sensible portioning (it's a tiny container). Offer some to the cat, but she declines."

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On "Men are a simmering heap of raw nerves and unexplored emotions"

love that tumblr and this was a great interview. thanks!

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