On "Hm Yes Good Point, Scientists, But Have You Considered: It's Really Cute?"

@Lucienne did you see that thing on gawker or something where he was like "i don't smile in photos because i'm trying to look cool" and i'm like TRUTH!!!

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so good.

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On A Place Like Home: On Being Black and Punk

man, we gotta be the same age because i went through that exact same musical trajectory and i am still stuck at lifetime and probably will always be. also i've been dying to go to fest but haven't made it out. i think all the twinkly neo-emo bands i wanna see have already broken up anyways.
but what i mean to say is: i'd like to think punk is a place of acceptance but i know it isn't so. thanks for this piece.

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On "Hm Yes Good Point, Scientists, But Have You Considered: It's Really Cute?"

i have a sick fascination with kim and kanye and especially north so i was following kim on insta but finally gave up due to the dearth of yeezy fashion pix or baby pix i mean i've seen your face enough times already and yes it is very beautiful. anyway my point is that isn't very exciting news at all.

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On The Best Time I Fainted While Posing Nude

this was great! i loved the twist at the end. NOW WHO'S ON DRUGS.
aside from being entertaining, thanks for sharing your story. it's amazing the clarity that slowly comes after you break away from an abusive relationship.

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@bitzyboozer see what i liked about the sopranos, and where i think breaking bad and those guys totally failed, was that i totally loved tony almost until the very end no matter what sociopathic shit he did. which i think is what most of these shows are trying to emulate but walter white (and every other character on that show) i just totally hated.

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@Jazmine Hughes oh my god i loved sil so much too. but ade was my very favorite character and i just...i can't aaaaah.

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On Unofficial Official Hairpin 3.0 Book Club: The Pillow Book

oook i'm chiming in even though i'm totally ashamed of myself because i said i would participate in this and then i could not get through the first twenty pages ughhh I'M THE WORST. but i love this idea and want it to continue!! nonfiction is just so not up my alley. it took me about twenty years just to read the historical introduction. i'll keep trying but i cannot promise satisfaction.

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On Good Morning


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On All The Golden Globe Dresses, Ranked

bwa haha. it was good thanks for asking. finally finished rewatching gilmore girls so now i have my netflix freedoms again.

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