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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: She's All That

I luh-huh-huved this movie (still do, as a matter of fact). Definitely idolized Laney and Kat from 10 Things, which, in retrospect, may have influenced my personality more than I realize.

The song from the choreographed number at the end is definitely on my workout playlist.

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On The Great Hope of TV's Female Crime-Stoppers

@yourstruly Also, Tom and Lorenzo (my favorite internet gay uncles) have this awesome recommendation for the Bletchley Circle, touching on many of the points you do here: http://tomandlorenzo.com/2014/04/call-the-midwife-and-the-bletchley-circle/

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On The Great Hope of TV's Female Crime-Stoppers

I *loved* The Fall and The Bletchley Circle! I also have a thing for slow burning British crime shows (except Wallender, that shit was too slow). This was a great analysis.

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On The Engagement Phone Cover and The Wedding-Industrial Complex

I didn't even know this is a thing. What fresh hell is this?

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On Trading In, Trading Up: Substitutions for the Sexiest Man of 2013

@codi_cathleen forever and ever, amen.

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On This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

@c2d Same! I have a crippling fear of credit cards.

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On It's Oscar Time, With Julie

@parallel-lines THANK YOU. I feel like I am the only one in the universe that hated Les Miz. All the characters irritated the SHIT out of me. I wanted them all to die. It felt like it was lab grown to win an Oscar, not be a good adaptation of a musical. (I really want Sally Field to win supporting actress and then Anne Hathaway to pull a Kanye on stage. Girlfriend can smell the Oscar.)

But Beasts of the Southern Wild was a magical, magical film. I'm pulling for it to win!

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On Have You Voted Yet, Are You About to Vote, When Are You Voting

@leon s my friends and I were thinking of taking a shot for every state called for Obama. That's a sure fire way for the 'check liver' light to come on...

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On Have You Voted Yet, Are You About to Vote, When Are You Voting

I voted absentee, but I really should have registered to vote in Virginia, where I'm going to school. My vote would count more here. Well, at least I cancelled out my mom's vote...

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On Texts From the Baby-Sitters Club

@frigwiggin Karen's catchprase! GIGUNDO! whyyyyyyyy

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