On Friday Open Thread

Oh!!!!! I only just saw this and it's Monday morning and what a way to start the week! THIS IS HILARIOUS.

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On The To-Do List Pie

This is frighteningly accurate for me! Except the I.U.D.

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On Be Less Crazy About Your Body ... For the Children

@rebeccakpalermo I didn't care about my wibbly arms until everyone else started not wearing sleeveless dresses in summer and pointing out how wibbly their arms were in photos and then I started caring about mine and THEY'RE NOT EVEN WIBBLY!...much. It's just all so silly.

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On Windows 95 Tips and Tricks

At first it was good, and then it got creepy.

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On What Kind of Flirt Are You?

@par_parenthese give us some hints then! I think we can safely say the majority here have no freaking idea what they're doing

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On What Kind of Flirt Are You?

@Ophelia Oh. My. God. I thought I was alone in this. OK, it was boyfriend not husband but I was for a long time torn between jealousy and wondering why he's so insecure he needs to flirt with pretty girls to make him feel better before I realised....he flirts with everything. Like, it looks like flirting when it's the hot girl at your favourite cafe, but when you realise he gets like that around his great aunt/someone's dog, you just have to laugh.

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On Nope Nope Nope Nope

@katiemcgillicuddy Argggghhhh! Who are these women?! And where are they getting their statistics from?! 40% of internet pornography is made by women?!?! Says who?! And what was it, 75% of women hide their online activity from their friends?!

Also, what constitutes 'sexual addiction'?? If you can't leave the house to go to work or eat or sleep because you literally can't stop fucking all day....that might be a problem. Anything less is just....high-five worthy

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On Jokes

I speak spanish, so I translated that joke into Spanish, read over it, then read it again in English and THEN got it. What is wrong with me?!

Also, What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you?


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On Beauty Q&A: Blushing, Cobbling, and Black Ties

@upupandaway It took my body 6 months to adjust after going back off the pill but eventually my skin (and weight and mental health) settled back to how it ought to be! In the meantime I found proactiv was rad for my skin, but obviously it differs from person to person.

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On Beauty Q&A: Blushing, Cobbling, and Black Ties

I didn't realise there were people not using cobblers.

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