I have a degree in reading and discussing large chunks of the Western Canon. I love swing dancing, science fiction, and Gottfried Leibniz, not necessarily in that order. I speak enough Swahili to be going on with, and I will start an internship at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in September. I once killed a scorpion with a squeegee mop, but I have never shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

On 5 Ways to Tell If He's Into You: Kingdom Animalia Edition

For those intrigued by option number 3, I recommend the weird and charming Anglerfish Dating Sim: https://videogamesoftheoppressed.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/benthic-love-an-anglerfish-dating-sim/

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On Bloodfeast: The Nutella Bacon Burger

This is unsettlingly timely. I am sure it is also unsettlingly delicious.

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On What Kind of Bird Are You?

@R0samond@twitter That is super-cool! I've always liked crows, but I didn't realize they were that good at puzzles.

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On What Kind of Bird Are You?

I am apparently a terrible human being, but an excellent carrion crow.

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On Ladies' Night

"scenes from my Jurassic Park fanfiction, in which two young raptors try to survive and thrive in their Manhattan editorial internships"

I need to read this RIGHT NOW.

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On Ask a Three-Year-Old: Purpose

@archived I kind of like the advice here! It's two-pronged- one, that you already have purpose because you already have a lot of different jobs that you do every day (even if they are just status-quo maintaining chores, you'd be worse off if you didn't do them.) And the second part is that you should try and shake up your routine, especially by revisiting activities you once dismissed, because then you'll see how you've grown or how avenues once closed to you are now opened.

Ooooor I'm reading way too much into this.

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On The Kitchen Of Tomorrow

I want to read this aloud to friends, but apparently I only have two distinct robot voices in my repertoire and I need three. Maybe I should try channeling Oscar the Grouch for Trash Can?

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On What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

@RNL Seconded.

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On The Health Care Pie

@beecaveroad *high five* The free IUD club is awesome. I will find out tomorrow if my uterus agrees, as tomorrow is my month-and-a-half check-up to see if it's still in place and all.

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On The Last, Best Time We Met (!)

Awwwwwwww! I am so glad this exists.

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