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On Black Honey and Me

When I was in high school, the lipstick that "looked good on everyone" was Revlon Toast of New York, but I swear, that color did look good on everyone. In the 90s.

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On Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

One of the most accomplished women I've ever met wrote a book about impostor syndrome, and there are bunch of other voices on her website: http://www.empresshasnoclothes.com/ (Which I am not plugging for any reason other than being a fan.....)

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On All the Treats in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I think it's MmmFashnik. Like "Mmm... cookies!"

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On "I Want You Back" Is Back

I am embarrassed to say that after so many decades of loving "I Want You Back" and also Biggie, it was only in the last month or so that I put those songs together, because (after Guardians of the Galaxy), I had "I Want You Back" in my head a lot, and it kept slipping into "One More Chance."

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On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

"What other kids will think" is the most ridiculous non-issue ever. I mean, have you seen families? They have all kinds of last names for all kinds of reasons!

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On My Nom de Peen: The Surprising Effects of a Male Pseudonym

@Pammisback As to how a name is interpreted, my real name is gender-neutral, and sometimes in correspondence I get Mr. or Ms. when the person writing has nothing to base their guess on.

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On "It was amazing* being able to wear yoga pants without underwear"

For my own part, I like to wear tights and yoga pants more than once between washing, and underpants only once.

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On When You're Unemployed

@Amber It might be worth spending some money on an employment counselor and/or therapist -- that's the kind of shit that I need to say out loud to a professional before I can really get past it.

Good luck.

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On When You're Unemployed

@bonymaroni Seriously, who the fuck are these people saying you're lucky?? I'm assuming they've never been let go from a job.

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On Difficult Woman: A Conversation with Julie Klausner

@pamb I was just coming down to say almost the exact same thing! JULIE!!

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