On What If a Women's Magazine Editor Edited a BBC News Story About Syria?

This is fucking perfect.

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On 8 Days Alone in Kyrgyzstan

@rosaline I felt the exact same way! But I did love the rest of the book. And to go with the theme of the thread, I did some silent, open-mouthed shoulder-heaving crying* when Bee is describing her mom sticking up for her and says something like "I knew from then on that Mom was always on my side."

*says the woman who can't turn on Animal Planet without silent open-mouthed shoulder-heaving crying

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On "Why Is The Cherry On Top?" Answering All the Questions from Mary Kate & Ashley's Theme Song

Oh sweet Jesus I feel like this was written just for me. Once upon a time sister and I both had matching trenchcoats and pretended to have our own detective agency. #weirdos

Also I love the absence of autotune here. D'aww little kid singing voices!

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On Cronuts Are Like Donuts Only You Wait in Line For Them

Meanwhile, in Boston....

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On An Interview With My Mom

this is lovely and perfect and where did all these tears come from?!

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On Nine Days Alone On: Easter Island

@Rachel Anastasia@twitter Seconding the request for a blog link (if you want to share!) I'm going to Japan for the first time in a few weeks and I am so excited but so. scared. (Do I speak any Japanese, at all? Of course not.)

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On Fleetwood + 2 Chainz = "The (2) Chain (z)"

sweet fancy moses

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On Cathrynn Brown's House Bill 206

so are we also going to prevent victims of violent crime from getting their wounds treated because it's tampering with evidence?

(oh no, wait, we only propose stupid and insane laws when vaginas are involved)

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Winter Is Here

@Mariah Mantis@twitter This is all so interesting! I love the look but all the clippy bits, etc. seem so intimidating. I want to give this a try.
Full disclosure: I'm writing my senior thesis on 1940s hosiery (#liberalartseducation) so I've been thinking about this stuff WAY too much lately.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Winter Is Here

@Marquise de Morville ha yes!! but that's another story.

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