By allofthewine on The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Amour et Turbulences

@iceberg that french dude looks exactly like The Property Brothers, so yes, I concur he can get it

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By bodinea on Depression, Mothers-in-Law, Friendzones

My heart breaks for the letter writers. But I have to say, advice-wise, this killed it. This married dude is incredible. I'm jealous of his real life friends.

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By Bittersweet on Sorry About That!

@iceberg That person may not be an immediate threat to kids given that conviction, but I still think it's helpful for people with kids to know. And it's definitely a valid conviction - it drives me wild to hear people talk about child porn convictions as somehow unjust, completely ignoring the fact that children are abused to make child porn.

Oof, rant over. Carry on.

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By iceberg on Sorry About That!

@Angry Panda take yourself out to dinner? take your mum out to dinner? :( your comment makes me want to give you a hug!

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By Jolie Kerr on Sorry About That!

@leon s GOD DAMN IT, LEON.

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By charlottecat on Sorry About That!

While we're talking about technical issues, does anyone else have this problem? When I click the like button on the first comment in a comment section (like, the chunk of comments that's all the same color where it's one comment and the rest are replies to that comment), it changes the counter on all of the comments unless I click the like button on another comment or refresh the page.

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By RK Fire on Sorry About That!

@purefog "pay"

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By raised amongst catalogs on Sorry About That!

@melis You can come to my house next, and then the rest of the Hairpin community can HOST MELIS one by one.

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By lucy snowe on Sorry About That!

@lucy snowe Heyyyy! I just got a response!
He actually thanked me for contacting him about it, and for my commitment to the group.

Phew! :)

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By melis on Sorry About That!

hoo boy
hi everybody
hang on a minute im really tired

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