On New Game Alert! Depression or Unemployment?

Some of these are alarmingly familiar to me. Time get out for a walk!

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On Sex Phases, Red Flags, and "I Just Don't Think You'd Be a Good Parent"

Yay, Ask A Married Dude! I do enjoy the advice columns. Thanks Edith, A Married Dude and letter writers for sharing this.
LW 2- I imagine parenting is tough, I can't imagine parenting with someone who isn't supportive of you developing your parenting style/skills/plan. I don't have kids yet so my take holds little weight. Best wishes for you, your niece & brother, and your boyfriend's baby & baby mama.

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On An Interview With a Mom of Triplets

Thank you for sharing!

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

Hairpin, how did you know I spent the weekend looking up trips I would live to take? This piece was a lovely affirmation of the joy of solo travel. I've been stuck in a rut for too long, second guessing the feasibility of some dream trips. Here's to being a confident solo adventuress in 2013!

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On Texts From Don Quixote

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On Texts From Don Quixote

@Megano! If you're questing for dirty jokes in old Spanish works, "El libro de buen amor" might just be your holy grail.

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On Texts From Don Quixote

Mallory Ortberg, this slayed me! (but not my tea kettle) I really enjoy this series.

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On Mount Defiance at Starvation Ridge

It is great that all involved made it through the incident safely. Safety first people! Remember the ten essentials when you're heading out into back country. I have to agree that Angel's Rest sounds like a better match.

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On People, Animals, and Inanimate Objects That Made Me Angry After My Rape

Finally registered to say thanks for this piece. I've been rereading it and all the comments since it was posted. After five years of silence I finally shared my entire story with my counselor. It still feels like a huge disconnect to say the word "rape" out loud and know that I am identifying and labeling something that I experienced.

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