On What Will They Name It

@Squareface A HIPAA equivlant rather

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On What Will They Name It

Do they not have HIPAA in the UK?

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On Wine Babies

I am so happy this posted right before thanksgiving. I was planning on having a glass of wine anyway (I'm 6 months) but this totally killed the "guilt trip". Thanks Hairpin! Love ya!

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On A Video Response to the BIC for Her Pen

The landscape looks like the Poets Walk Park in Red Hook, Ny. Am I correct?

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Gloria Swanson Saga, Part Two

"How do you do?" Perfection!!

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On RIP, Russell Means

Thanks for posting this! And thanks for pointing out that he wasn't perfect but neither are ANY of us. I grew up with my mother and her sister in the Amercan Indian Movement, spending long summers in the back seat of our minivan going from one protest to another. I can tell you that none of the AIM leaders were
perfect, but the sheer work it took to mobilize people after a century of silence and extreme poverty was impressive. He may have "sold out" to showbiz ( like some contemporaries argue) but it took a little showbiz to bring attention to a cause that most Americans prefered to ignore.

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On Beauty Q&A: Blushing, Cobbling, and Black Ties

Girls, I am so happy with all the upper lip skin pigmentation love going on here. I thought I was all alone in this. I have been suffering with this since the birth of my son in 2007 and it's only become worse since then (despite my use of 100 percent sun block and running from the sun like a vampire). Even a few minutes of
direct sunlight can darken the "freckles" a shade or two and I look like a prepubescent boy. I tried Cliniques lightening cream which I guess worked? Idk though because I did it in the dead of winter when I wasn't outside anyway. I am totes going to try the lemon juice trick.

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On Six of These Will Be Gone in Five Years. But Which Six?

If I read about the glory of kale salad one more time...

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On With Malice Aforethought

My dad always wanted to go off the grid and live in a dome in NH. My mom never bought into it. Im so grateful!

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On With Malice Aforethought

What I took from this oddly written piece was:
A) Penn and Ohare most likely crossed paths as they ran in the same uber intellectual circles
in late 60s Northern Calfornia.
B) both come from traumatic childhoods (Penn takes the cake though)
C) Geodesic domes are not as cool as they look.
D) All the characters in the story are suspicious as hell.

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