On Self-Care, in Theory and Practice

This column is amazing. And I would like to add my support of putting garlic everywhere. If you are prone to UTIs, yeast infections or in particular, BV, a clove of garlic will restore your vagina to its normal levels. I don't know the science behind it but garlic is the reason I no longer deal wih chronic BV.
My bestie recommended this method to me after a nurse told her about it and said forget the metronidazole because it's useless and pretty much a scam. I was very weirded by the idea of it for a long time, and I regret being so hesitant because this has changed my quality of life drastically.

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On This Is What a Swamp Booger Looks Like


Those images are seared into my brain forever. UGH.

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On Meet the Olinguito, the Newly Discovered Animal Whose Natural Habitat Is "Cloud Forest"

Poor olinguito, the article I read said they just thought she was "fussy and picky". Excuse you, zoo staff.

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On Deadly Combinations of Male Fashion and Behavior

My very specific encounters with #4s usually goes like this:
Pays zero attention to their satanic spawn knocking all the merchandise off the shelf, also asks for extra soy protein in his smoothies and expects it for free.

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On Deadly Combinations of Male Fashion and Behavior

@jenjenboben I've done the same thing, except in my case it was to poke fun at fellow potheads, but now I can't stop saying, "oh, word?"

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On The "I Dare You" Chickpeanutbutter-and-Honey Bars

I don't know if any vegans have been making these, but I subbed soy yogurt and agave in for the eggs and honey, and it was amazinggg.

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On The Arm's Length Pie

What about having a friend group that is terrible about taking pictures, leaving you with no choice but to have a lot of selfies for your OKC profile? Because ..that's me.

I mean I have 2 selfies, 2 of me doing things. That's a good balance right?

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On "The Irony of American Justice"

"You should not be troubled that George Zimmerman "got away" with the killing of Trayvon Martin, you should be troubled that you live in a country that ensures that Trayvon Martin will happen."

Nailed it. This is no recent thing, but I've been feeling our country's regression even more, as of late.

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On Four Unusual Island Populations

I just found this list toooo:

Oh god, the last one.

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On Four Unusual Island Populations

@frigwiggin Poison or not, I say we go on a field trip pronto. I'm obsessed with this place and would gladly embrace a swarm of bunnies.

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