On So We're Not Going to Live Happily Ever After

Hi Jim, the movie you're describing is Neuromancer and I just read they're thinking about casting Mark Wahlberg. I too have a place in my heart for Double Jeopardy, and as a result imagine prison as a pretty pleasant place where one can get buff on the government dime.

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On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

hooray hooray this is amazing. I'm expecting twins in April. holy moses.

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On Texts From the Baby-Sitters Club

Did you guys read the one where Claudia and Stacy went to Fire Island? Stacy only wanted to go because her boyfriend was also staying at Fire Island. But Claudia just wanted to hang out with Stacy. Then Stacy's boyfriend asked her to go on a sunset sailboat ride on the very same night that Stacy had already made dinner plans with Claudia, who really wanted to hang out with her. So Stacy scheduled an early dinner with Claudia, thinking she'd have PLENTY of time to meet up with her BF after dinner. Then Claudia ordered Lobster Thermidor, which takes 40 minutes to prepare! "That's all right, I'm in no hurry," said Claudia to the waitress. "I, on the other hand, was in a HUGE hurry!" thought Stacy. If anyone can tell me why this is so cemented in my brain, I would love to know. I'm willing to bet those last two quotes are pretty damn close.

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