On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Ava Gardner, the Second-Look Girl

I feel like she does hang out in dresses with one strap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2hy6fyheIA

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On Earthquake OPEN THREAD

I was getting blood drawn and thought I was having a fit. The shaking felt exactly what it feels like when my roommate has sex with her boyfriend.

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On Save the Dates, Boston and LA

@taxine whooo, Charlie's Kitchen! I second that. And I'm also inappropriately obsessed with Grendel's. Maybe we should form a rebel group of Cantabridgians? But that might be too douchey...

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On The Top 4 (and a Half) Lip Tools and Products

re: lip plumpers-- I really like Physician's Formula Plump Potion. It comes in different tints, but I just get the clear one. Seems to work well and it smells lovely.

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On Bra-Eater Still Eating Bras, Tanner Still Tanning

The doll guy always gets me.

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On Vintage Swimsuitery

The triple threat--in terry cloth. Never thought I'd hear 'threat' and 'terry cloth' so close together.

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On Reminder: Hairpin Boston, D.C., and New Orleans Get-Togethers

I'm nervous. :)

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On A Brief History of Lazy Exercise

@parallel-lines Agh! So much debris!

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On A Brief History of Lazy Exercise

My mother is all about the little trampoline. It's worrisome though if you have low ceilings and are over 5'7".

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On Let's Play the Six-Word "Momoir" Game

It's the size of the nose.

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