On Befriending Your Best Friend's Girlfriend and Resisting the "One True Sex Act"

@evil_echidna And presumably if that's how LW4 feels, too, she'll say "well, if my partner found that sex act I like as offputting as I find PIV, I would NOT want them to feel like they had to change to accommodate me--I'd rather break up." Which is fine! She's still taking Urwelt's advice and looking at it from another point of view.

It is also fine to expect some level of compromise in the bedroom. I mean, every other aspect of being close to other humans inevitably involves some compromise. I think the real answer lies somewhere between "you should always do everything in your power to accommodate any partner's sexual interests" and "people who don't love all the exact same sex acts in equal amounts should never be together." Boning! It's complicated.

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On Interview with a Big Dick

@mollpants Dude, the first time I encountered a big dick--and not even like, porn star big, just bigger than average--I was like "Let's measure it! I'll get my sewing tape!" I can't believe no one's measured this guy's.

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On The Best Time My Girlfriend’s Baby Tooth Fell Out

@hedgehogerie I can beat that! I broke a premolar on soup. SOUP.

Instead of an engagement ring (or wedding, honestly) I got extensive dental work, so I made my ring out of my husband's wisdom tooth instead. Now if he wrongs me, I can put a curse on him.

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On Friday Open Thread

@RNL Holy crap, that IS weird. They must put something in cheap food to make it irresistible, like Lunchables for cats.

@Banana Stand Money Ooh, Before Grain looks pretty promising--high calorie and lower phosphorus. I'll have to see if the fuss-ass will eat it!

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On Friday Open Thread

PET QUESTION! Is anyone feeding dry Evo or Taste Of The Wild to their elderly cats? Mine decided that he doesn't like his normal dry food, but dude weighs 15 pounds and getting enough wet food into him every day to maintain that weight is a nightmare--I can't just plop down a can and leave in the morning, because he'll eat half and then decide that the rest has been sitting out too long to be palatable. I would ideally like to feed him a blend of wet and dry foods.

The vet says there's nothing wrong with his dumb ass, so I got some dry samples to try and he really likes those two brands I mentioned. But they're both pretty high in phosphorus, and I'm kind of worried that they might be hard on his 11-year-old kidneys. So what do you feed your old cat?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Briony Fields Ugh yes, I sleep on a towel on my heaviest days because there's really NOTHING else I can do that will stop every single tiny leak for eight hours that isn't hideously uncomfortable.

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On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison I bled on a relative's couch once. There's really no plausible deniability there, and it's someone I see frequently, so I had to be like "oh my god I'm sorry I just menstruated all over your couch, can I have a wet rag to clean it up with?" It was a significant factor in my decision to switch birth control pills.

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I was going to suggest Naughty Monkey "Stomper" boots for some super cheap (but real leather) instant gratification, but the price has gone up! I paid $22 for mine, and so I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone spend four times as much on them.

I love my Docs, but they definitely wouldn't fulfill your "not too chunky or clunk" requirement! Mine are almost a full inch wider across the ball of the foot than my Stompers.

OH and if anyone happens to be looking for lace-up ankle boots with a heel, I have these and they're the best, hottest boots ever. Super comfortable--somehow the heel looks higher than it is? They're still available new in some places in black and maybe brown, but if someone doesn't start bidding on those red ones, there is no justice in the world.

... I really love boots.

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On Guess the Disney Movie

@wealhtheow 1 is Dumbo and 7 is Pocahontas. But what is 4?

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On Friday Open Thread

@maxine of arc Thank you all so much. I don't know what to say!

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