On Qreamed Quorn

I like to keep a tray of Quorn chili in my freezer for when veg friends stop over and I have no quick snacks that are not cut-up carrots and nuts that I already have plans for. The chili costs about $2 and if you put cheese on it and serve with tortilla chips it really gets the party started. Also - Quorn is THE definitive fake chicken nugget on the market right now.

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On A Woman in Need Gets No Help Indeed

Please tell me the lady who fell was Kim Richards. Poor, befuddled, plant-kicking, Kim.

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On Highlights From The Nancy Drew Cookbook

Pineapple can only be the secret ingredient once, Nance. Then it's no longer a secret. The pineapple's out of the can, as it were. The values of the time are really reflected in these "fortunes."

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On Guess Which Girl Scout Cookies They Killed?

This reminded me of how funny this John Mulaney editorial is about how you can only buy Girl Scout cookies one way: http://www.hulu.com/watch/144704/saturday-night-live-update-john-mulaney
Also - Lemon Chalet Cremes, still in? REALLY?

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On The Baby-Sitters Club: Where Are They Now?

No matter what Claudia is wearing, you know the description of the outfit will end with something along the lines of "on anyone else I know this would be really out there but on Claudia it looks amazing." Those girls were majorly on her jock. The outfit would also have to include something she made, like a T-shirt clip.
Re: Cokie…maybe I will further investigate some of the minor characters like Alan Gray, Nancy Dawes and Squirt Ramsey.
Apparently Mallory's middle name is Jacklyne. WHAAAAA???

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