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@Quinn A@twitter Oh man I have that fun little mix of acne and eczema too. First you need to INSIST on a referral- doctors can be authoritative dbags but ultimately their sole purpose is to help you so just be firm and persistent. When you see a derm, ask about acanya- it's really great for people who dry out from most acne topicals. It's the only thing I've tried that hasn't worsened my eczema so it sounds like it might work for you too. It does take a few months to kick in though, but I'm really happy with it otherwise.

Also! Try CeraVe moisturizer. It's over the counter and at most drugs stores. It's a little pricier than other moisturizers but it's fantastic- it totally cleared up all my dry patches without causing more breakouts. Anyway GOOD LUCK. This stuff can be so stressful...

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@crocuta oh man this is glorious. THANK YOU! I'm all about small farms (I'm trying to wwoof a bit sometime on this trip). So yeah this is hitting it on the nose.

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On Friday Open Thread

@flanhoodles Right on!

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On Friday Open Thread

@boysplz Yes, the Hearst Castle is on my list. My old german professor was weirdly fanatical about it so I've always been curious to see it.

@crocuta The Pigeon Point looks incredible AND available around when I'll be in the Bay Area. And I will definitely check out Big Sur- I plan on driving down to LA on route 1 :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@billie_crusoe Ahh staying in a lighthouse would be sick, I'll check it out! Yea, food and ocean vistas are arguably my two greatest pleasures in life so I'm very much looking forward to od'ing on both. Thanks for the rec!

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On Friday Open Thread

Hi 'Pinners! I'm a long time lurking finally taking the plunge! Aaaand using my first post to shamelessly solicit advice: I will be roaming the US West Coast for the month of September and I am WIDE OPEN to suggestions, ideas, anything. I've never been to West Coast before so I would love to get some input from locals and fellow travelers on what not to miss. I'm keeping my plans flexible but I will definitley be staying in Seattle, Portland, Oakland and LA but if anyone has hostel or couchsurf recommendations along the coast I would love to hear them! I've never traveled alone before and I'm SO excited!!!

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