On Robin Sparkles Is Not Real, Though, Guys

Watching this is making me homesick for Vancouver! I'm a Canadian in Utah (for grad school), too and I love these shout-outs from the motherland. Thanks!

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On Purity Ring, "Lofticries"

Love Megan James and her weird, haunting songs!

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On "The Eye," by Alice Munro

She's my favourite author! Thanks for pointing this out!

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On Bill Shatner Shows Us How It's Done and It's Amazing

This is fantastic!
Also, isn't Justin Trudeau's hair kind of douchey for a legitimate politician?

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On Interview With a Lapsed Christian Virgin


Team! Token still-in-it Mormon weighing in to say that when I taught YW I steered clear of any of that crap. My therapist friend's advice was "if they can make it to 18, they'll have healthier relationships," so I tried to focus teaching them to make their sexual decisions beforehand and not giving in to pressure. Hopefully one ward's worth of teens won't have "sex is right after murder" trauma (which is even ridiculous on a LDS doctrine level. What is wrong with people?)

(Also, my therapist friend has had a lot of clients whose pre-wedding repression has led to serious post-wedding sexual issues. But that's its own (super interesting) discussion.)

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Visited Calgary

@Megano! I remember Lisa Loeb, at the first Lilith Fair in Calgary, commenting that it was so nice that everyone kept sitting so politely when she came on stage. I think it kind of perplexed her. Is it something that's a result of coming early to claim a spot and hanging out all day?

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On 32 Easy, Practical Weight-Loss Tips for Your Busy Schedule

@MalPal There are lots of Mormon feminists! And lots of us are pretty regular(ish) people, who share a lot of things in common with other regular(ish) people with different belief sets. I love The Hairpin! It takes a lot more than ladies just keeping it real about their lives (and tiny houses) to offend me.

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On 32 Easy, Practical Weight-Loss Tips for Your Busy Schedule


Oh, randummy! I am totally pro-gay, pro-gay marriage, pro-feminism. I'm from a super liberal, west-coast Canadian city and all these things seem pretty natural. Prop 8 made me sick. And I have enough gay friends and family members to know that the present arrangement between Mormonism and homosexuality is not working.

But - if everyone liberal checks out of the institution, only the conservative right-wingers will be left charting its direction! Ew! Institutions have the power to do big good things, but they also need constant reform. I'll keep on trying to do what I can from within (I'll just keep thinking WWRD?).

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On 32 Easy, Practical Weight-Loss Tips for Your Busy Schedule

@maybe partying will help: Ugh. I am, like, super into being Mormon, and even I hate hearing people trying to tell me meaningful mission stories. I feel your pain on that (funny or nothing, people. Come on!)

I stole my religion-in-conversation style from a friend of mine who's Sikh. She often, in passing, mentions that in her religion or culture...[whatever information makes her story makes sense], and then keeps chatting. It's not infused with earnestness or meaningfulness that, when not shared, might turn things uncomfortable.

And I guess that's why I feel kind of defensive about this little piece. As I read the comments I thought "What?! We can't even tell about the ridiculous/funny/cultural/travel parts of missions?!" I generally feel so at home at the Hairpin, even reading pieces about parts people's lives that I totally can't relate to, that I felt like it was a bummer that some people really hated having to hear a part about my life that they totally didn't have in common with me.

Wah wah wah, etc., etc., poor me. I'm going to get over it and go look at the Friday Bargain Bin.

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On 32 Easy, Practical Weight-Loss Tips for Your Busy Schedule

@josefinastrummer Are local missionaries okay then? More and more mormons go on missions in their own countries. Is it the cultural imperialism that gets into the mix that bugs, or is it the "Hi - want to talk about Jesus? No? Okay - bye." That's more offensive? (I know that there are missionaries that try to make it much more difficult than that to close the door, but I'm just wondering which aspect is more off-putting to you?)

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