On Remaining Kinds of Behavior That Could Become a Distraction to the BSA

@whizz_dumb I'm not, but I totally sat on Ra's's board of review for Life.

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On Remaining Kinds of Behavior That Could Become a Distraction to the BSA

As the kind of dude who is, like, still a Boy Scout leader today, I can testify that many of those are actually true. Go figure.

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On The Girl Scouts Remain Awesome

So I'm still involved in BSA because if we let the juiceboxes run the organization, it'll never get better. But to the point: I ran an event a few years ago and, though I had nothing to do with the events of this letter, I cried (sorry for the length)(also, redacted info to protect various identities):
This past weekend you held [event] at [place]. My son attended this event. Being that it was his first [event] and that he is not the most social person you will meet, he did not know many people there. But when he returned home he had a smile on his face that I had not seen in years and it wasn’t that he was happy to return home; because he wished that he could have stayed longer. Normally when I ask him what he did on a camp out he tells me the same thing "Nothing". But this time he in great detail almost as if it was a film told me all of the things he did. I cannot remember the last time I heard him say "I made so many friends". It almost brought tears to my eyes as I heard about how much fun he and his new friends had. Specifically two of his new friends had helped him through this camp out....Both of the scouts were on staff. One of which he was working with in the kitchen who hung out with him for the entire weekend. He was in [Scouting suborganization] like my son and he even got my son one of [markers of suborganization]. The other was an African American in [other suborganization] who stated up a game of extreme doge ball and invited my son and this other staff member to play.... He told me that he went to classes with both of them and they just had a blast the way boy scouts should.

My son is an open homosexual, thus making very hard especially in an organization of boys to make such good friends. I was just about ready to pull [son] out of scouts all together because of all of the ridicule and unscoutlike behavior towards him, but this past event has been a true awakening to [son] and me. It just shows that there are still some good people in the world. I thought I would regret sending him to this event as I sadly have so many times before. Too many times has Brandon returned home in tears.

I just wanted to thank you; the scouts and your entire organization for helping my son take a break and just be a normal kid. I cannot speak so much for the future, but I do believe that your scouts have had a major impact on his life and on his scouting career. I wish I had the names of these scouts, but if it is at all possible, please find some way of thanking these scouts for me. My Family would really appreciate it.
It gave me the willies reading this again. This is why I'm still a Scouter.

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