On Which Flavored Coffee in Guy Fieri's Flavortown Roast Collection Are You?

@Slutface Erm, I was going to go the opposite way and say they would all be disgusting because they would taste *too* much like coffee...?

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On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With a Virtual Assistant & Publisher

At first her descriptions of her work day sounded like my personal version of hell. I seriously love my leisure time. It sounds like she has some goals to balance it more this year, but also loves what she does so much it doesn't seem like a "job." I feel like I should be looking for something like this, a job I'm so passionate about I wouldn't mind working more than 40 hrs a week, but I have also read some interesting things lately about not working so much. I also hate the office jobs I have has so far but working full time in order to qualify for health insurance is not negotiable for me.

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On What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

What about dandruff &/or dry scalp issues? I lasted about 3 days doing this but it made my flaky scalp even worse. I think? It was flaky but also so greasy I couldn't stand it, and the ends seemed fried. And I think of myself as having pretty dry hair even when I don't heat style it. The itch and flakes was one of the reasons I was going to try this, thinking that I was was allergic to shampoo/conditioner.

Reading these last couple articles on this, I think I was probably doing it (somewhat) wrong but I'm still scared to do it again. Plus I can't get away with nasty hair for a week or more at my office job.

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On The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear: Why I Teach Women Self-Defense

I highly enjoyed this piece. Well written and well reasoned. Makes me want to take a class for myself. I must say I agree with the author it makes more sense to me to learn to protect myself now instead of hoping someone else will learn to do the right thing in the future.

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On Writing Lesson: Retelling Fairy Tales

@BornSecular But some of the other nation's samples also seem to blend (what I consider to be) multiple story lines together.

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On Writing Lesson: Retelling Fairy Tales

Wait, what? Maybe it's on purpose, but I feel like the fairy tales are being all mixed up here. I thought it was Snow White, which it started out as and then...oh. That's the twist, eh? Heh.

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On Do You Suffer From Bitchy Resting Face?

@Pygmalion I have to think really hard about relaxing my grimace muscles. Like my eyebrows and mouth. Then raise the eyebrows like mentioned above. Think "I am smiling" but don't quite do it?

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On Do You Suffer From Bitchy Resting Face?

@Legal Yes! I had a professor stop her lecture once to ask if I was mad at her. I told her no, because I wasn't. I was just concentrating. Now I realize that when I am thinking or focused I just look angry. I think I must furrow my brow.

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On Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

@bitzyboozer *raises hand* Guilty. However, I don't' know that I'm "missing the point" per se, I just don't appreciate the point and feel I have better ways to spend my reading time. I don't like to be cranky from reading a book about only despicable characters.

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On Do You Need a Hug?

@fondue with cheddar I did read them while I was supposed to be participating in a committee meeting so the suppressed-laughter snorting was rather awkward. It was like old times.

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