I am a crazy cat lady (currently with one, but check back in about 60 yrs). I like to read books, cosplay, and watch Law & Order (all versions).

On Stevie Nicks, "The Dealer"

Probably a superfan. If you go to the main Stevie fansite http://rockalittle.com/ there is a gallery of Stevie-related license plates.

I am SO EXCITE about this song, and this album. I am a huge fan (I have even cosplayed Stevie at a sci-fi convention). I already pre-ordered the deluxe bundle. I know she'd hate me for this, but I have the bootleg version of this song and it's been one of my faves since I first heard it. It should have made a Fleetwood Mac album back in the day, but too many cooks in the kitchen and all that. I would officially buy anything she records and puts out, though. So keep recording Stevie!!!

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On "I don't have opinions that I require other people to have." -Neil deGrasse Tyson, American Hero

Even though I am pro-Pluto myself, he is my dream man.

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On $3 Million for 7 Weeks

I am not surprised by the figure. I work in a health insurance related field and I have seen the cost for chemo drugs. They vary across insurance and zip code, but are always in the tens of thousands PER DOSE. So if you are on chemo for *months* then millions could come easy.

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On May Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

“Oh look, here’s a wound I haven’t noticed, let me prod it.” Yep, pretty much. I should knock that off.

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On Your Clitoris Is the Size of a 'Medium Zucchini,' and Other Vagina Facts You Didn't Know

@friendofmyyouth I read about this in Mary Roach's "Bonk." The idea was essentially dismissed by later research. "Bonk" is another great book, btw, about the science of sex. And of course, it's Mary Roach, so it is hilarious.

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On Talking the Talk

@OhMarie Oh, damn. I was 2 weeks from seventeen (although I read somewhere that the American national average for girls is 16). Maybe that's why my relationships from then on were crappy.

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On Talking the Talk

@doublewindsor & BornSecular
I have similar stories. My parents gave me books on both sex and periods (but my school district also took us to a really neat place on field trips during elementary school to learn about sex ed- Robert Crown Center for Chicago suburb residents), so I never got The Talk, verbally, from either of them. Also, I went on the pill at 13 because of a health issue (about 6 months after I started my period), so I never needed to ask for it or any other BC.

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On On Wearing Running Shoes (All the Time)

@Nicole Sauvage@twitter I am wearing brand new Chucks!! Still trying to break them in, so I guess I'm straddling the line between uncomfortable footwear and looking-like-I'm-15 footwear. But they are HOT PINK, so probably the only one that knows they are uncomfortable is me.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Still With the Armpits

"chh-chh frottage" made me LOL

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On !!! (!!!!!!)

@wharrgarbl I have a friend who loves to end every sentence with exclamation points (in her emails)- sometimes more than one. It is hard not to respond in kind, because she's just so enthusiastic about something!!!! Ugh, it's exhausting.

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